ReCore Gameplay Trailer at Microsoft Xbox E3 2016 Press Conference

ReCore Gameplay Trailer at Microsoft Xbox E3 2016 Press Conference

Last year at E3 2015, Microsoft Studios showed off a new IP proving that the love was still strong between the American and Japanese gaming industry. That IP, ReCore, came from the creative mind of Keiji Inafune, maker of the super successful Mega Man and Dead Rising series. The beautiful trailer only showed us a non-gameplay cutscene - very little was presented on the show floor, leaving gamers anxious to learn what Inafune had in store for his fans this time around. A whole year has passed with information about the game being very hush hush… until today.

Developed by Comcept and Armature Studio, the makers of Metroid Prime, Microsoft Studios unveiled*ReCore’s* first gameplay trailer in front of a crowd of thousands of people at the official Xbox E3 2016 briefing. The conference was also streamed live on several websites to a worldwide audience.

From today’s trailer, ReCore looks to be an action platformer utilizing three-dimensional stage design. You take control of the agile and fearless leader of a crew of robots, Joule. Joule is capable of firing off projectiles to destroy her enemies, as well as burst dashing. Once she defeats these monstrous hostile robots, she uses their remains as the energy and data source for her own loyal robots, each with unique powers and abilities.

What’s interesting is that the player must transfer third-person control from Joule to one of the robots. For example, one of Joule’s mechanical allies is an escape artist named Seth whose body is similar to a spider’s. You can control Seth and take down enemies with the blast cannon on top of its head, or you can switch control back to Joule so that she uses Seth as a kind of grappling hook to jump and climb platforms in the air! Two other members of Joule’s crew showed off their powers in the trailer - Duncan is a heavy hitting gorilla-type of bot that pummels his enemies, while the adorable Mack is a dog that can dash tackle would-be assailants until they explode.

The trailer ends with a few other bots standing alongside Joule. These bots were still hidden in shadow and did not get any screentime or mention in the trailer, so we expect to hear about the rest of the cast’s amazing abilities soon!

Be on the lookout for ReCore coming out exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10 this September.

This is a original Tokyo Otaku Mode original article by Sean Cardeno.

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