[J-Fashion] gonoturn: Kawaii is Justice!

[J-Fashion] gonoturn: Kawaii is Justice!

With “Cute is justice!” as their theme, gonoturn is a fashion brand specializing in cute and stylish face masks as a way to bring their take on cuteness to the world. In honor of their temporary shop in Shibuya 109 which opened on January 22nd, they teamed up with the popular Popteen model Nicole Fujita (“Nicolun”) to bring their fans new collaborative masks!

Located in Shibuya 109, gonoturn joins the fashion hub of Tokyo!

Stepping into this shop, you’re surrounded by more adorable masks than you could begin to imagine, featuring some of the most popular characters out there including not only Doraemon and Hello Kitty, but even LINE FRIENDS characters like Brown and Cony!

You won’t just find face masks, either. gonoturn also offers other cute accessories and fashionable items like eye masks, gloves, and mirrors, so every aspect of your life can be a little cuter!

We spy TOMpacasso!

Every corner is filled with kawaii-ness!

Love Japanese fashion? Don't forget to stop by Shibuya 109!
Shibuya 109
2-29-1 Dogenzaka,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, Japan

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