10 Best Spots to Buy Toys in Japan

10 Best Spots to Buy Toys in Japan

Whether you’re into figures, plush toys, gachapon, robots, or character merch, every otaku knows that some of the best toys are to be found in Japan. Where should one go to find these things, though? Fear not, weary toy-collecting traveler: we have your back! Here are ten of the best places to stop in Japan when you’re on the search for toys.

1. Kiddy Land, home to all the epic merch and collaborations you could want!

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Despite its name, Kiddy Land is the go-to toy store for both adults and kids! The most popular Kiddy Lands are located in Harajuku and Umeda, but this hit store has branches all over Japan and regularly holds limited time collaborations with popular anime. These events often feature merchandise or bonuses that fans won’t find anywhere else, as well as appearances from everyone’s favorite characters!

2. Find a lifetime supply of gachapon at Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan!

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Next up is Akihabara’s super famous Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan, which is filled wall-to-wall with the latest and greatest gachapon machines! There are constantly new machines coming out, and no matter what anime or games you’re into, you’re sure to stumble across a machine you won’t be able to pass up. (As if we needed another reason to visit Akihabara!)

3. Hobby Off is toy paradise for the thrifty otaku!

Hobby Off is a must-see for collectors on a budget! This hobby store can be found all over Japan, and it deals in used toys, figures, models, and more, all of which is in good condition and sold at a great price. The selection will vary with each location, so try checking out different ones to see if they have that elusive toy you’ve always wanted!

4. Enjoy a huge selection of amazing toys at the towering Yamashiroya!

No toy store list would be complete without Ueno’s Yamashiroya! Inside the towering otaku haven you’ll find six floors fully packed with the hottest toys, figures, character merch, and more. The 1st and 4th floor are specifically dedicated to the newest toys and kids’ toys respectively, while the other floors are loaded with merch, cards, hobby goods, and figures for every series imaginable.

5. Hakuhinkan Toy Park pairs toys with luxury!

You’ll be blown away by the amount of merchandise at Hakuhinkan Toy Park! In addition to toys, you can also find plush toys, games, dolls, variety goods, souvenirs, and more. The most famous Hakuhinkan is located in Ginza, home to the most luxurious stores in Tokyo, but it can also be found in Shinjuku, Chitose, and some airports. Once inside you’ll find toys for all ages from infants to adults, as well as every character out there!

6. Enjoy the quirkiest of toys at Village Vanguard!

If you’re looking for something more quirky and fun, there’s no better place to go than Village Vanguard. While this shop totes itself as an “Exciting Book Store,” it has way more to offer than just vintage books. Make your way inside any of the chain’s locations and you’ll be utterly surrounded by odd and seasonal merch including apparel, wigs, buttons, dishes. If you’re looking for something strange that’ll crack you up for years to come and you can’t find anywhere else, just visit a Village Vanguard!

7. Go to 100-yen Stores for tons of toys on a budget!

If you’re not looking to break the bank but still want to have a great time, you can’t go wrong with any of Japan’s 100-yen stores! These can be found on practically any corner, and are also a convenient place to snag low-cost souvenirs for the folks back home. While major favorites are Daiso, Seria, and Can Do, there’s also a huge number of lesser known yet fun shops like Asoko, Rainbow Spectrum, and Flet’s. Just take a look and be amazed at what you can find for 100 yen!

8. Don Quijote, an old favorite for bargains!

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The uber cheap and uber fun Don Quijote (better known as Donki!) is next on the list. This beloved discount store can be found all over the country, with locations in Akihabara, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro offering floor upon floor packed with both practical items and silly yet amazing toys and souvenirs.

9. There’s something for everyone at Yodobashi Camera!

Toy lovers of all ages are guaranteed to find something at Yodobashi Camera! This magical electronics chain (especially the massive Akihabara store) is a go-to for practically anything, including car and bike parts, DVDs, tools, apparel, groceries, and health and beauty, but they also have an equally huge selection of toys to check out! From action figures and Lego to Takara Tomy goods and plush toys, there’s something for everyone.

10. An international titan with a Japanese twist - Toys R Us Japan!

Last but not least is an international favorite, Toys R Us! This chain is a familiar sight to many around the world, but the selection at Japan’s Toys R Us stores is totally different! In addition to your usual shelves of Transformers, Beyblade and Barbie, you’ll also find Anpanman, Youkai Watch, and Kamen Rider merch! Plus, it’s a great chance to see what kind of regular toys Japanese kids get to play with too.

With this many great stores, you’re going to need to bring an empty suitcase with you! What kind of toys are you keen to get your hands on in Japan?

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