LINE Sticker Creator Kanahei’s Cute Characters Come to Life in Theme Cafe

LINE Sticker Creator Kanahei’s Cute Characters Come to Life in Theme Cafe

Have you heard of Japanese illustrator and social media sticker creator Kanahei yet? She’s behind one of the most popular sticker collections on the LINE app, and now her cute critters are set to adorn dishes in their very own theme cafe in Tokyo!

With the rise of social media and messaging apps like Asia’s mega-popular LINE application, our need for cute little illustrations with which to flavour our textual interactions has rapidly increased. Emoticons are all but anachronisms now, and even emoji can fail to satisfy our desire for self-expression.

Yep, these days it’s all about the stickers! Because who doesn’t love adding a cheeky Pusheen to their Facebook correspondences or rabidly purchasing and downloading sticker collections on LINE (yes, it can be addictive, but we can stop any time we want – swear! Well, as soon as they stop bringing out cute new ranges… ahem…).

However, with LINE still not having saturated the Western market, all this sticker loving might seem a bit bemusing to those who haven’t really embraced this new facet of social media interaction in the way that Japan has. Here it’s perfectly acceptable to, for instance, carry on an entire conversation with a friend using only LINE stickers, and with the availability of both animated and audible stickers, we’re really spoilt for choice. A huge sticker market has built up, with many artists using this new platform as a way to promote their art.

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Source: Facebook/The Guest Cafe, Parco-Art
Images: Facebook/The Guest Café

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