Koro-Sensei Takes a Trip Around Tokyo in Celebration of the Second Season of Assassination Classroom!


Koro-sensei is coming back on screen, and in celebration he’s bringing us to various hot spots around Tokyo!

The homeroom teacher of Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School will be making a return, with even more assassination techniques to impart to his students, in the second season of the TV anime series Assassination Classroom! We're sure everyone has missed him and his rigorous classes after the first season of the anime ended last year, so here we have Koro-sensei, greeting us a little early, with some adventure at Mach speed!

Find some familiar faces and tons of fun from his trip around the city below!

▼That's a real handsome face on this Seibu line train...

▼11 hours until the broadcast!

▼I am the 7th, the coolest brother, Koromatsu. Sheeeh!

▼Tokyo Tower is ready for the second season of Assassination Classroom.

▼Do you like my new ride?

▼3 hours to broadcast!!

▼2 hours before the broadcast - Koro-sensei is replying to fans' messages!

▼It's starting!!!!!

Season 2 of Assassination Classroom starts on Jan 7, 2016 in Japan! Don't miss it!

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