“Shonen Jump+” Rensai Grand Prix Award Goes to Near Future Mystery “Dare ga Kenja o Koroshita ka?” by Neri Mikumo

“Shonen Jump+” Rensai Grand Prix Award Goes to Near Future Mystery “Dare ga Kenja o Koroshita ka?” by Neri Mikumo

Shonen Jump+ is Shueisha’s up-to-the-minute Shonen Jump web manga application. The app has been downloaded over three million times and has published countless original manga, quickly becoming one of Shonen Jump’s principal media outlets.

In 2015, they set out to find a new talent in the manga magazine world and the first “Shonen Jump+ Rensai Grand Prix” contest was held. The grand prize winner is promised serialization beginning within 2016 by Shonen Jump+ and also publication in Jump Comics. This is the first time in Weekly Shonen Jump’s history that they’ve awarded a manga prize with a guaranteed tankobon version on offer.

The result of this first “Shonen Jump+ Rensai Grand Prix” contest was announced on Dec. 22, 2015. Neri Mikumo’s near future mystery Dare ga Kenja o Koroshita ka? was selected as the grand prize winner. The heroine of Dare ga Kenja o Koroshita ka? is a young girl, Noel, who was raised in an American village. One day Noel’s doctor father is killed in an accident and the corpse carried off by a mysterious man as this new kind of mystery story unfolds.

The special thing about this prize is that it’s decided jointly by the Shonen Jump editorial board and the magazine’s readers. The winning work is selected by the assessment of both professionals and ordinary fans.

The deputy editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Jump, Shuhei Hosono, offered this high praise for Dare ga Kenja o Koroshita ka?: “The freshness of the near future setting, the heroine’s birthplace coming alive through the story, the interesting nature of the solution - it’s packed with appeal as a serial publication.” While the story is complicated, the strengths which compensate for that became the conclusive factor in awarding the prize.

The author, Neri Mikumo, cheerfully made the following comment: “Receiving a prize like this is a great honour! I also want to thank the many readers who’ve supported me so far!”

In addition, it’s also been announced that a second “Shonen Jump+ Rensai Grand Prix” contest will be held. As publication by Shonen Jump+ and a Jump Comics version is guaranteed, there are sure to be a lot of entries. The deadline is set for Aug. 31, 2016.

In evaluating the first edition of the prize, Hosono made the following comment: “The quality of the entries submitted was so high overall, it was fun. However, as the awareness of what’s needed in a serial publication was low, there were a lot of ‘long one shots.’ I’d like people to try and organise the structure of their stories with that in mind.” What sort of ambitious offerings will turn up next time? Everyone is looking forward to another unknown author’s entry!

Dare ga Kenja o Koroshita ka?
© Neri Mikumo / Shueisha Inc.

Shonen Jump+ Rensai Grand Prix Official Site

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

© Neri Mikumo / Shueisha Inc.
© Neri Mikumo / Shueisha Inc.

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