Cat-kind’s Weakest Soldier? It’s Captain Levi in Cat Form!

That day, I remembered the humans. My life of being ruled over by them, my habit of wanting to squeeze into the tightest places…These thoughts floated by unintentionally, and “Cat-kind’s Weakest Soldier” got so much attention on Twitter that it was re-tweeted 16,000 times.

Captain Levi, “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier,” is a character appearing in Hajime Isayama’s manga, Attack on Titan. This cat climbed inside the box of a Captain Levi figure.

That majestic look in her eyes - it really is just like Levi! Somehow it’s not quite right though. She looks good in the box, but her expression seems to say she doesn’t know what to do next.

According to the cat’s owner, Captain Karin (@Levi_Eren_Karin), “Cat-kind’s Weakest Soldier” is usually completely selfish as Karin only has the one kitty. However, she does have a very fluffy belly. A majestic expression, and a fluffy body…just like Levi! She just has that charismatic nature that draws people in.

Such a cute captain, you can’t help thinking she could slash your throat and not even care…

Source: Otakuma Keizai Shimbun

Cat-kind’s Weakest Soldier? It’s Captain Levi in Cat Form! 1

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