New Trigger x Mari Okada TV Anime “Kizunaiver” Greenlit; Hiroshi Kobayashi to Direct

New Trigger x Mari Okada TV Anime “Kizunaiver” Greenlit; Hiroshi Kobayashi to Direct

Studio Trigger is gaining massive attention from anime fans for their radical production values and visuals. Now, the studio’s second original anime, titled Kizunaiver, has been greenlit.

Trigger has constantly surprised the world with their anime, and this one too is a big surprise indeed. Mari Okada is credited as series composer and scriptwriter. Okada is known for her work on many talked-about hit series including Anohana and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. This time, along with Trigger, she is working up an adolescent drama.

Trigger is a studio with a forte for action anime whose works include the TV anime Kill la Kill and the animated movie Little Witch Academia. Selected for the role of director for their latest work, Kizunaiver, is young creator Hiroshi Kobayashi. All eyes are on the talented Kobayashi, who was previously episode director on Kill la Kill and assistant director on Rage of Bahamut: Genesis.

As previously mentioned, Mari Okada of Toradora! and Anthem of the Heart fame is in charge of the script and series composition. It will be curious to see what kind of work Trigger and this popular writer who has previously depicted adolescent drama will create together.

Other staff members include as original character designer manga artist Shiro Miwa whose series Dogs: Bullets & Carnage is currently serialized in Shueisha’s Ultra Jump, and as animation character designer Mai Yoneyama who was chief animation director on Kill la Kill, with music by Haikyu!!’s Yuki Hayashi. Talk about a befittingly exciting staff lineup for anime fans.

The story takes place in a city built on reclaimed land called Sugomori City. Living in this city that once flourished as a futuristic city is second year high school student Katsuhira Agata who mysteriously doesn’t feel pain. One day right before summer vacation, under the guidance of a mysterious girl named Noriko Sonozaki, Katsuhira is selected as a “Kizunaiver,” someone who shares their pain with others. The classmates he’s connected to as a Kizunaiver are members of a group who essentially can’t make friends. Sonozaki declares, “This is an experiment to bring peace to a world full of strife,” and along with those words their many trials begin…

Original Work: Trigger, Mari Okada
Director: Hiroshi Kobayashi
Series Composer/Scriptwriter: Mari Okada
Original Character Designer: Shiro Miwa
Animation Character Designer: Mai Yoneyama
Music: Yuki Hayashi
Animation Production: Trigger
© Trigger, Mari Okada / Kizunaiver Production Committee

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Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

© Trigger, Mari Okada / Kizunaiver Production Committee
© Trigger, Mari Okada / Kizunaiver Production Committee

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