[TOM @ NYCC 2015] Part 2: Hunt for TOM with Tokyo Otaku Mode!

This Oct. 8 - 11, Tokyo Otaku Mode will be diving into NYCC in NY with two exciting plans, and this is the second one!!

The Tokyo Otaku Mode team is excited to announce that the “Hunt for TOM’’ will be back, this time at NYCC!

The 1st edition of “Hunt for TOM” took place at Anime Expo (AX) in Los Angeles last July. TOM staff members, known as the TOM “Shinobi” team, roamed around the convention center, and if caught by someone, dropped coupons and interviewed the lucky coupon receivers. Tons of fans sought out our “TOM Shinobi” and received coupons to use on the Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop!

The 2nd edition of the game will be held at NYCC 2015 from Oct 10 - 11! Once again, TOM staff members will be roaming inside and around the vicinity of the NYCC venue in TOM logo clothing and holding TOM flags. If you spot a TOM staff member, talk to him or her to receive a $5 OFF coupon! Hidden among the coupons there are total of 10 grand $50 coupons, so don’t miss out! If you spot one of us, definitely come say hi!

Keep your eyes peeled, and let’s the TOM HUNT begin!!

The "Hunt for TOM" begins again!! This time at NYCC 2015!
The "Hunt for TOM" begins again!! This time at NYCC 2015!

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