Teaser to Drama “Prison School” Posted

Continuing from the anime adaptation, things are underway for the surprising live-action drama adaptation of Prison School that no one saw coming. A teaser video to the talked-about drama titled Prison School starring Taishi Nakagawa, Hirona Yamazaki, Aoi Morikawa, and Asana Mamoru has been posted.

In the video, Kiyoshi, played by Taishi Nakagawa, and the others come to life as if they were pulled straight from the manga. Just like in the outrageous original manga, Hana can be seen with her leg over her head, Meiko is pushing out her voluptuous chest, and Andre can be seen slowly about to lick a boot. It makes us wonder how far they’ll push the envelope.

Prison School is a popular manga by Akira Hiramoto currently serialized in Kodansha’s Young Magazine. It has become a series full of a colorful mix of entertainment including comedy in a surprising story. Its certified fresh style even won it the 37th Kodansha Manga Award in 2013. Its high popularity and praise from fans can also be seen from the fact that the series has over 6 million copies in print. The series made headlines with an unexpected TV anime adaptation in July of this year, and now an equally unexpected drama adaptation will kick off in October. How director Noboru Iguchi will present the series’ world is a point that will gain attention.

The setting of Prison School is Hachimitsu Academy. Previously a boarding school for females, a mere five male students transfer into the school and find themselves vastly outnumbered by 1,000 female students. Things are compounded when Kiyoshi and the other four boys are caught trying to peek into the girls’ bathroom by the Underground Student Council and are confined to the school’s Prison Block as punishment. There, Kiyoshi and the other boys try breaking out of their “prison” through a variety of ways. With their expulsion close at hand, the boys go toe to toe with the Underground Student Council.

Drama Prison School
MBS: Late night every Sunday from 24:50–25:20 beginning Oct. 25
TBS: Late night every Tuesday from 25:11–25:41 beginning Oct. 27

Taishi Nakagawa, Hirona Yamazaki, Aoi Morikawa, Asana Mamoru, Gari-Gari-Galixon, Yuko Araki, Masako Yano, Tokio Emoto, Masahiro Takashima (Special Guest)

Original Work: Akira Hiramoto’s Prison School (serialized in Kodansha’s Young Magazine)
Director: Noboru Iguchi
Writers: Noboru Iguchi, Ayako Kitagawa
Production: Prison School Production Committee, MBS, Robot

Drama Prison School
© Akira Hiramoto / Kodansha Ltd.
© 2015 Akira Hiramoto, Kodansha Ltd. / Prison School Production Committee, MBS

Drama Prison School Official Site

Source: animeanime

Live-Action Drama Prison School Teaser
Live-Action Drama *Prison School* Teaser
Teaser to Drama “Prison School” Posted 2

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