A Collection of Ultra-Unique Fan Art from “Splatoon”, the Game Taking Over the World One Color at a Time

Inkling made entirely out of Legos / From Tary’s Twitter: @nobu_tary

Everyone is talking about Nintendo’s newest TPS (third-person shooting) game Splatoon that has sold over 145,000 copies in its first week of sales.

The uniquely colorful visuals of the Splatoon world and all its poppy characters have plenty of fans from around the world. Of course, a number of special fans have taken their passion into their own hands and created various pieces of 2D and 3D art related to the game!

Let’s take a look at some of the most inkingly awesome and squidtastic fan art!

Buckets of Love for Splatoon!

Recreating the World Through Legos!

We are not entirely sure what kind of parts were involved in this piece, but this fan has made their own Inkling using only Lego blocks!

Here is the versatile and highly popular Splat Shooter in Lego form!

Letting Inklings Swim Through My Nails

This was produced by a professional nail artist on the side http://t.co/R31RQLZBxG">pic.twitter.com/R31RQLZBxG

— KichijojiSTAR NAIL (@STARNAIL1) https://twitter.com/STARNAIL1/status/606091808922202112">June 3, 2015

These nails perfectly show off the wild and colorful world of Splatoon!

Borrowing From the Ukiyo-e Style

Here we find a smart and sophisticated Inkling picking up a perfect pair of shoes from Shrimp Kicks, a store that also appears in the game! Absolutely beautiful!

The Squid Sisters, top idols of the Inkling world, turn around to give us a glimpse of their beauty!

Inkling Love Flying All Over the Place Like Ink……

Crispily Fried Inkling

We are not entirely sure why but Inkling Girl is surprisingly satisfied after being deep fried to a crisp together with Store Manager Crusty Sean of Shrimp Kicks!

Our Inkling finds herself on a tendon accompanied by an unknowing squid who experienced a similar fate. This picture is really too dangerous and far too appetizing.

Showing Off Character with Hats

Character customization is only one of the thrills of Splatoon! The game might become even more entertaining if we had as much freedom to customize and design as we do in the Animal Crossing series!

Something about this Inkling tells us that we might be under attack very soon...

Other Collaborations

Here are Jotaro Kujo and Noriaki Kakyoin from the third part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! Now, will they find themselves in a Stand Battle or a Splatoon Turf War?

And this is also from the third part of the JoJo series.

The frightening battle scene featuring the Joestar Group and their archrival Dio, as Dio attempts to drop a road roller on top of Jotaro, has been altered just a little so that Dio can wield not just any simple roller, but the most powerful Splat Roller in the game.

This special roller weapon is amazing when it allows you to squish your opponents, but can leave you feeling unbelievably down when you find yourself flat on the bottom!

From the stealth series Metal Gear, Snake leaves his cover and enters the colorful Splatoon battlefield.

Just like how he appeared on Nintendo’s popular action game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we won’t exactly be surprised if Snake suddenly rises from the paint and joins the war.

However, as one of the stealthiest and most skilled shooters around the world of video games, Snake might just be a little too powerful for any color to handle…

Here is a surreal four-panel comic that brings befuddling elements of the puzzle game Puyo Puyo together with the colors and characters of Splatoon. It must feel great to be able to erase all of that ink at the same time!

Bonus: Octopus

This is the Octoling, arch-enemy of the Inkling. She is here and ready to use her elite and ultra-poppy abilities to strike players in every way possible!

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Source article written by Kodak Kawaguchi

An Inkling Made Entirely From Legos / From Tary's Twitter: @nobu_tary (https://twitter.com/nobu_tary/status/606454746442952705)
An Inkling Made Entirely From Legos / From Tary's Twitter: [@nobu_tary](https://twitter.com/nobu_tary/status/606454746442952705)

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