Ajin to Become a Theatrical Movie Trilogy! Polygon Pictures Will Produce

There are so many anime movies coming your way in 2015. Movies everyone’s talking about, artistic masterpieces, popular smash hits - it really is the era of anime! Amongst those, one particular high profile epic series will be making the jump: the popular manga Ajin illustrated by Gamon Sakurai and serialized in Good! Afternoon (Kodansha) is to be adapted into an animated theatrical movie. Even better, it’s been planned as a trilogy from the very beginning so you really can call this an “epic” project!

Ajin is a battle, survival and suspense manga about a new species of immortal humans known as Ajin. High schooler Kei Nagai gets run over by a truck and killed, but is mysteriously revived immediately afterwards. What the heck is he? At the same time, the police and the Ajin control committee begin their Ajin capture operations. An “inhuman” existence - never dying, the secret of this new species of humanity gradually begins to become clear.

Ajin caused a sensation in the manga world when it first began running in 2012, winning overwhelming praise in the process, so the anime adaptation is a long awaited one and looks set to attract even more attention from here on in.

For the production of this unprecedented animated theatrical movie trilogy, an elite Japanese creative team has been brought together. Polygon Pictures, the animation studio who made full use of digital animation in the smash hit Knights of Sidonia anime realising a whole new form of cinematic expression, will be in charge of animation production. With Hiroyuki Seshita who directed Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine as chief director, Hiroaki Ando who was the CGI director on Steamboy as director, and Yuugo Kanno ( Gunshi Kanbei, Psycho-Pass, Gundam Reconguista in G) composing the music, you will not want to miss this movie!

When the project was announced, the theatrical movie teaser visual and the first teaser trailer were also unveiled, giving a hint of Polygon Pictures’ latest technological advancements. There’s so much we still don’t know, like when the movie will open or anything about the cast, but there’s still plenty to leave you in anticipation for the project’s development from here on in.

Theatrical Movie Trilogy Announced
Distributor: Toho
[Creative Team]
Original Manga Artist: Gamon Sakurai (published in Kodansha’s Good! Afternoon)
Chief Director: Hiroyuki Seshita
Director: Hiroaki Ando
Series Composer: Hiroshi Seko
Production Designer: Naoya Tanaka
Character Designer: Yuki Moriyama
Modelling Director: Mitsunori Kataama
Art Director: Hiroshi Takiguchi
Color Key: Hironori Nochi
Unit Directors: Yoshio Kazumi, Ryo-timo, Keisuke Ide
CG Supervisors: Takeshi Iwata, Yuki Mizoguchi, Susumi Sugai
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Music: Yuugo Kanno
Animation Production: Polygon Pictures
Production: Ajin Management Committee

© Gamon Sakurai, Kodansha Ltd. / Ajin Management Committee

Source: animeanime

© Gamon Sakurai, Kodansha Ltd. / Ajin Management Committee
© Gamon Sakurai, Kodansha Ltd. / Ajin Management Committee
© Gamon Sakurai, Kodansha Ltd. / Ajin Management Committee
© Gamon Sakurai, Kodansha Ltd. / Ajin Management Committee

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