[Video] 109 Cinemas Short Anime is Amazing; ‘Yuyake Dandan’ Screenings Begin; PV Released

Yuyake Dandan is a short anime that began from the idea that moviegoers could enjoy a short, fun movie before the feature film. The short began screening on April 1 before it is released at every location of the large theater chain, 109 Cinemas. It is screening at a location near the JR Nippori Station in Tokyo. The story begins when high school girl Nanami runs into a strange cat on a stairway in the lower part of town at evening time.

The first part of the short, “Deai” (Meeting), is screening now, and one new part will be released each month. Because it comes before the feature film, it will be a film that plenty of people will enjoy.

The official site to the short film has launched as well. Here, the story, characters, and staff are introduced. The site also features a promotional video for enjoying the charms of the film that’s about a minute and a half long.

Though it’s a short anime, the film has impressive animation and quite a strong staff. Anime fans and movie fans alike likely won’t want to miss it. Appointed as character designer is the charismatic, popular illustrator Range Murata, who brings out a delicate, listless atmosphere. Writing the scripts is Buno Fujisawa, who is known for having unique worldviews, and directing is Hideki Nimura whose works include Halo Legends, Origins, Genius Party, Limit Cycle, and the OVA JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The animation is comprised completely of cel shading and CG anime. In charge of producing the anime is Dynamo Pictures. The studio’s accomplishments include Yona Yona Penguin, the Pikmin short anime, and more. The film makes great use of the character attributes inherent in Range Murata’s work.

The approach being taken is one to bring the short to many people, and contrary to it being a short anime to be screened during the interlude before the feature film, it seems they are putting effort into making the short more well known. And the quality of the short film is also high.

Toho Cinemas’ Paper Rabbit Rope is another hit work that began screening as a short anime. We’ll keep abreast of how Yuyake Dandan develops from here.

Yuyake Dandan Official Site

Kotobuki: Koichi Yamadera
Nanami: Akane Shiba

Character Designer: Range Murata
Writer: Buno Fujisawa
Director: Hideki Nimura
Art Director: Akemi Konno
Music: Takuro Iga
Sound Director: Keiichi Nozaki
Production: Dynamo Pictures
Production: Flying Dog and Kumanekodan

Yuyake Dandan
© Y.D.D

Source: animeanime

Yuyake Dandan PV
*Yuyake Dandan* PV
Yuyake Dandan © Y.D.D
*Yuyake Dandan* © Y.D.D
Yuyake Dandan © Y.D.D
*Yuyake Dandan* © Y.D.D

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