‘KanColle Kai’ Will Be Released on Aug. 27, 2015! Key Visual and Portion of Game System Revealed

Key Visual showing Yamato-Class Battleship, Yamato, and Akizuki-Class Anti Air Cruiser, Akizuki

Kadokawa Games have announced today (March 28, 2015) that the PS Vita game KanColle Kai will be released on Aug. 27, 2015 and have also unveiled the game’s key visual and game system information.

Based on the already available browser game Kantai Collection (KanColle), KanColle Kai seems to have taken on a simulation game style turn-based game system. In the also unveiled screenshot, you can see a hexagonal-shaped area of sea plus numerous silhouettes of naval vessels, which will make fans interested in what sort of gameplay this is going to be. Even the user interface has been changed to make use of the PS Vita’s special characteristics.

As limited edition pre-order bonuses and the contents of the limited edition bundle to release simultaneously have also been announced, be sure to check those out right away!

KanColle Kai Official Website

First Game System Information Revealed

KanColle Kai is based on the original KanColle game system and concept, but a new user interface and controls have been introduced to make use of the PS Vita’s unique capabilities. Also the game has shifted a little in nature from the original edition more towards a simulation-style game. * Screenshots show mid-development content.

1. Strategy Screen
A Strategy Screen will be implemented for the first time in KanColle Kai.
You can see that the sea areas are depicted as large hexagons and the various fleet-like units as silhouettes. This Strategy Screen is one of KanColle Kai’s biggest special features. From the Strategy Screen you can transition to the more familiar Admiral Room.

2. End Turn / Movement
The Commands are placed on the left-hand side of the Strategy Screen.
As for the commands themselves, other than the familiar “Sortie,” you can also see the characters for “End Turn” and “Move.” KanColle Kai has been developed as a turn-based, stand-alone-type game.

3. Modification Screen
The familiar Modification Screen from the original version. A new monotone user interface has been introduced. Other than the Fleet Girls’ basic parameters, there are also the familiar “Fuel,” “Ammunition,” “Steel,” and “Bauxite” icons.

4. Changing Equipment
You can change equipment from the same Modification Screen. The Fleet Girls’ equipment is divided into categories including Main Armaments, Torpedoes, Machine Guns, Radar, and Hydroplanes, each of which rotate around the Fleet Girl where you can select your equipment.

5. Transport Fleets / Sea Guard Units
You can dispatch Sea Guard Units to protect the Transport Fleets that connect the sea areas with your home ports. Sea areas, turn-based gameplay, fleet movement” and Transport Fleets / Sea Guard Units are components expected to shift the game’s style a little from the original version a little closer to a simulation game style.

◆ In addition to limited edition pre-order bonuses, a limited edition luxury bundle has also been announced!

An original multi-purpose pouch studded with familiar KanColle armaments, items, torpedoes and buckets plus KanColle and Fleet Girl motifs will be offered as a special pre-order bonus for the regular edition.

Also, in addition to the origina KanColle multi-purpose pouch, the limited edition of the game which will go on sale at the same time will come bundled with two of the popular, super deformed Medicchu mini figures (Ooi & Kitakami), which are original bonus items available exclusively with KanColle Kai.

Pre-order Limited Edition Bonus
・Pre-order limited edition KanColle Kai original multi-purpose pouch
Limited Edition Bundle Contents
・Pre-order limited edition KanColle Kai original multi-purpose pouch
・Other KanColle Kai original special bonus items

*Both the regular and limited editions come with pre-order bonuses.
*When making a purchase or pre-order, please confirm with the retailer whether or not they will be offering the bonus items.

● What is KanColle Kai?

The fleet training browser game Kantai Collection (KanColle) was released on April 23, 2013. It was a big hit as a browser game but is now making a new appearance on the PlayStation Vita. Its name is KanColle Kai.

Take control of the naval base with this “revised” version of the KanColle game where you can become an admiral of the KanColle fleet and command those Fleet Girls whenever and forever. KanColle Kai - finally setting sail this summer!

KanColle Kai official website

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