Sneakers Themed After the Tomoeda Elementary School Uniform from ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’ Now Available

Sneakers with a sailor collar that capture the essence of the Tomoeda Elementary School uniform from Clamp’s popular comic series Cardcaptor Sakura are now available for pre-order from SuperGroupies.

The sneakers feature a monogram-style print of the Tomoeda Elementary School crest. The collar characteristic of the Tomoeda Elementary School uniform is shown with a single line design wrapped around the top part of the sneakers. That’s two tasty designs per sneaker for both a casual feel and cute feminine charm. The shoelaces come in sets of both pink and white, allowing them to be changed out to fit your mood. The sneakers cost 9,800 yen (plus tax) and pre-orders will be taken until Sunday, March 22.

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Source: Zigg

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