Studio Ghibli On Your Mark Free Special Disc with Purchase of Box Set

Studio Ghibli has revealed that those who purchase the Director Hayao Miyazaki Collection Blu-ray or DVD box set on the official Studio Ghibli site will receive for free a special disc containing the short animated film On Your Mark. The details on how this special disc came about have been explained by Toshio Suzuki.

On Your Mark is a roughly 7-minute short animated film created by director Hayao Miyazaki in 1995. It takes its concept from the song “On Your Mark” by Chage and Aska. The plan to include it as a video bonus in the Director Hayao Miyazaki Collection was announced earlier this year on July 2 by Walt Disney Studio Japan. However, the bonus was called off when Aska, a member of the band Chage and Aska, was charged with violating the Awakening Drug Control Law and arrested in May of this year. Because the film is strongly connected to Aska’s music, it was decided that a strict stance against Aska’s immoral behavior was necessary.

However, according to Suzuki, even after that Studio Ghibli still wanted to release the work. So, acting on its own accord, Studio Ghibli produced a bonus disc on Blu-ray and DVD featuring only On Your Mark, and this will be distributed for free to anyone wanting one who purchases the Director Hayao Miyazaki Collection. With this, fans can make their Miyazaki library even more complete. And fans are likely happy for the appreciation shown in getting the work released.

The bonus disc can be obtained by filling out and mailing in the voucher included in the Director Hayao Miyazaki Collection Blu-ray and DVD box sets along with proof of purchase. As long as quantities last, one disc will be sent per person.

Studio Ghibli Official Site

Source: animeanime

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