Assassination Classroom Movie Coming Spring Break 2015, Release Set for March 21

Assassination Classroom Movie Coming Spring Break 2015, Release Set for March 21

The hugely popular manga Assassination Classroom serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) is becoming a live-action movie. The series made headlines in June when a live-action movie and movie adaptation of the TV anime were both announced, and now the release date has finally been set.

The release date of March 21, 2015 was revealed on the series’ official site, Twitter, and other sources. Adding the fact that this falls during the spring break season, it seems that they are aiming for a youth demographic older than those who read the original work in Shonen Jump.

A 2015 broadcast of the TV anime series Assassination Classroom has also already been announced. It seems we can also expect a synergy from the anime and movie, since the release date of the movie overlaps with the start of the TV anime broadcast. Because it is praised as currently having the most momentum behind it among the works in Weekly Shonen Jump, expectations seem large.

With regard to information on the movie, the main cast has already been announced. As for the students of Kunugigaoka Junior High School Class 3-E, first up is Hey! Say! Jump member Ryosuke Yamada as Nagisa Shiota. Other members include Masaki Suda as Karma Akabane, Maika Yamamoto as Kaede Kayano, Seika Taketomi as Rio Nakamura, Mio Yuki as Yukiko Kanzaki, and Miku Uehara as Manami Okuda. Moreover, playing Class 3-E’s assistant teacher Tadaomi Karasuma is Kippei Shiina.

On the other hand, the actors playing the roles of Koro-sensei, the standout mysterious creature of the series, and Bitch-sensei haven’t yet been revealed, making for interesting information to come. It is also unclear whether Koro-sensei will be played by a human actor.

Eiichiro Hasumi of Umizaru, GK9, and Wild 7 fame has been given helm of the project as director. Also, Robot is in charge of production. Because the company is known for the Bayside Shakedown series, Always: Sunset on Third Street, and Space Battleship Yamato among others, it is expected that Assassination Classroom will be loaded with entertainment and include plenty of visual effects.

Assassination Classroom is based on the huge hit manga by Yusei Matsui the individual volumes to which have broken through 10 million copies in print. The story centers on a mysterious creature possessing immense power who appears suddenly and proclaims that he will destroy the world next March only to then be, for some reason, put in charge of a group of third year middle school students until that time. The students are given a mission: Kill Koro-sensei before graduation to save the earth. The back and forth fighting between Koro-sensei and the students is one of the series’ highlights.

Movie Assassination Classroom
Releasing on March 21, 2015

Source: animeanime

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