Talked-About Anime Produced by Trigger - Ninja Slayer from Animation to Begin in Spring 2015

It appears that Ninja Slayer from Animation, the talked-about anime adaptation of a unique novel that began on Twitter, will show itself in spring 2015. The announcement “Spring 2015 Start” appears on the official site. In April, this anime adaptation was announced and Trigger was revealed as the production studio. In July, Akira Amemiya was appointed as director and it was announced to start in 2015. There still hasn’t been news on what form the anime adaptation will take and its release, but we can now expect the animation to appear before fans in spring 2015.

Ninja Slayer from Animation, the anime adaptation of the novel published on Twitter by American authors Bradley Bond and Philip N. Morzez, is being translated and distributed by a Japanese team. Moreover, these have been put together and published as books. The premise of the novel is as follows: His wife and child having been murdered, salaryman Fujikido Kenji is revived as the Ninja Slayer and fights for revenge. Aside from the story, a slightly off look at Japanese culture and unprecedented developments are its strong suites. Just how will this be adapted into animation? Is it even possible? These questions have gripped our minds.

On the other hand, because the animation is being produced by Trigger, which is hot right now for its work Kill la Kill, there seems to be nothing to worry about. On the contrary, it may be a work that exceeds expectations.

Though news on the work is sparse at the moment, a production report has begun being published on the official site. Check this out for further developments.

Also, the latest news on the anime and the state of production will be reported in considerable detail on the official Ninja Slayer Twitter. Since Ninja Slayer is a work that got its start on Twitter, it’s only natural that the latest news on the work would come from Twitter. It may also be good for fans who can’t wait for next spring to learn about the work there.

*Ninja Slayer from Animation* Official Site
*Ninja Slayer from Animation* Official Twitter

[Original Work]
Bradley Bond (author), Philip N. Morzez (author), Yu Honda (translator), Raika Sugi (translator)

Series Director: Akira Amemiya
Main Theme: Boom Boom Satellites
Animation Production: Trigger
© Ninj@ Entertainment / Ninj@ Conspiracy

Source: [animeanime](

© Ninj@ Entertainment / Ninj@ Conspiracy
© Ninj@ Entertainment / Ninj@ Conspiracy
© Ninj@ Entertainment / Ninj@ Conspiracy
© Ninj@ Entertainment / Ninj@ Conspiracy

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