Manga Artist Akira Himekawa Teaches How to Draw Manga with Masterpiece The Legend of Zelda!

Manga Artist Akira Himekawa Teaches How to Draw Manga with Masterpiece The Legend of Zelda!

Hi all! This is Akira Himekawa. Today, we’re starting the Manga Maker series. We were asked to explain the method in which we create manga. So, we will show you each process involved in making manga. This article is Vol. 1. Both creating stories and drawing pictures are important work for manga artists. And usually Japanese manga artists do both. However, we know that this is not always the case in other countries. Therefore, we want to show our process in making manga to all of our fans on Facebook through our manga The Legend of Zelda. Unfortunately, we can only do so when we have some time, so this won't be a regular update. But we will do our best, so please watch for it and enjoy.

☆ Latest Column Up: Nov 7, 2014!
Vol. 5:Draft and the final cut
Vol. 4: Names
Vol. 3:Plot
Vol. 2: Character's Rough Sketch
Vol. 1: Rough Sketches and Idea Notes

Name: Akira Himekawa
A manga artist and illustrator duo. Since the debut of their work Honoo wa Kaze no Na no Gotoku in Shonen Big Comic Zokan, they have created various manga works and illustrations including the manga adaptation of the series The Legend of Zelda. With a specialty for expressing majestic fantasy worlds, they have a reputation not just for the human characters they draw, but for the animal ones as well.

In 2010, the duo won the Sheikh Zayed Award in children’s literature for their Arabic manga GoldRing. That same year, they won the Sondermann Reading Award for Best Manga in the International Manga category for The Legend of Zelda. The duo is picking up attention from all over the world.

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