AOP’s Long-Awaited Second Single, “Cosmic Magic Stars,” to Release on Oct. 19

AOP's second single, "Cosmic Magic Stars"
AOP's second single, "Cosmic Magic Stars"

“Cosmic Magic Stars,” the second single by the six-person idol group AOP which was born from the “Anime ‘Katteini’ Oen Project,” will release on Sunday, Oct. 19. The style of AOP, which is comprised of members who love anime, is brought out wonderfully in their music. Similarly to their first single, their second single was composed and arranged by Sho Watanabe who has worked on theme songs for many anime. The song expresses AOP’s concept “We want to tell even more people about the fun of anime!” through lyrics themed after the magnificent cosmos. Listeners will be comforted by its melodic sound.

The coupling song, “Seishun Session Paradise,” was written and composed by Sumiyo Mutsumi and Yuugo Sasakura, respectively, both of whom have worked on not just anime, but with many artists as well. The song is an uptempo number that will excite fans at their concerts.

As a bonus, the single comes with an included DVD on which is a PV for “Cosmic Magic Stars.” As the title suggests, the PV was shot at an astronomical observatory, and fan’s can enjoy the charms of AOP to their heart’s content. On the day the single is released, a live event will take place at Ebisu Live Gate Tokyo. The CD will be sold at the event for 1,800 JPY (tax included).

The “Anime ‘Katteini’ Oen Project” was launched in 2012 by the anime-only channel AT-X and the magazine Nikkei Entertainment. The idol unit AOP, which was formed from the project, is comprised of six members: Misae Komori, Saki Shimizukawa, Kei Tomoe, Risa Sakurana, Saori Ogino, and Yuuki Hirose. The girls are also personalities on the anime information show Animusu! which airs on TV Tokyo every Thursday at 26:05.

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Second Single “Cosmic Magic Stars”
Release Date: Oct. 19, 2014
Price: 1,800 JPY (tax included)

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

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