Interview: Pianist Animenz

Pianist from Germany, Animenz. With long years of experience creating piano arrangements for anime songs and countless of his videos uploaded on the web, he has accumulated quite a fan base. As the date of Animenz's live performance in Japan draws near, we ambushed him with an interview!

ーWhat first inspired you to create piano arrangements of anime songs?
One of the first anime I watched in Japanese was "chobits", which had a very beautiful, sad soundtrack playing in the background. I looked up the title of the background music, and I was really happy to find the piano sheets freely available on a website. That's when I thought, "I also want to create anime piano sheets, so people can play their favorite melodies on the piano!"

ーWhat sort of thoughts or feelings do you bear when playing anime songs on the piano?
I always feel "connected" to the anime series of the songs I am playing, because I have watched the anime series and I have many fond memories of it. Especially if I am playing lyrical anime songs, I get really emotional and remember all those sad scenes in the anime. For example when I am playing "Hikaru Nara".

**Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul OP [piano] by Animenz.**

ーIf you have a personal favorite anime song or artist, please share it with us.
I am a big fan of Supercell. Especially ryo's amazing talent to compose those unforgettable melodies, is truly fantastic. One of my favorite songs for example is "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari." But normally I transcribe all kinds of anime songs and don't have any preferences; from slow, instrumental soundtracks to exciting, catchy opening songs.

ーWhat is something you want people to know about your concert this time?
I simply want to get in touch with my fans and I hope they will have an enjoyable concert. I am happy to be a part of the anime community, because I can get in touch with so many people who share the same passion for anime as I do. My anime piano covers are just a small contribution to the lively, creative, but also crazy anime community. (laughs) I also hope that one day, even younger and older people will come to enjoy anime piano covers as well.

ーPlease leave a message for readers and those who will attend your concert.
Thank you for coming to the concert! I will do my best and I hope you will enjoy this concert!

If you like the amazing piano performances of Animenz, how about experiencing one of his live concerts yourself?


[Event Details]
Concert Name:
Animenz Live Tokyo! Animenz Live Debut 2015!

Date and Time:
August 29th, 2015, 2 - 4 PM

Ticket Prices:
Standard: 3,000 JPY
VIP: 4,000 JPY

Kioi Hall, 6-5 Kioicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0094, Japan

Purchase Tickets Here:

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Animenz Live Tokyo! - Official Trailer
Animenz Live Tokyo! - Official Trailer
 Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul OP [piano]
Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul OP [piano]
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Interview: Pianist Animenz 4
Interview: Pianist Animenz 5
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