The Successor to Itasha is Ita-Beya?! Decorate Your Interior with Your Favorite Characters!

The Successor to Itasha is Ita-Beya?! Decorate Your Interior with Your Favorite Characters!

On July 22, So-Zo, the managing body of the otaku service Ita-Beya, released the beta version of its service. The company also welcomed Microsoft Japan Technology Evangelist Aya Tokura as its CTO.

Ita-Beya 1 is an online service that offers custom-made wallpaper, curtains, futon covers, and more “ita-interior items” that feature licensed characters and scenes from anime for otaku. Similar to itasha, the goal of this venture is to offer fans environments filled with their favorite series and characters.

The characteristic of the service is that illustrators themselves can upload their original illustrations to the service, see in real-time what their illustrations will look like on a range of products, and easily order the interior decorations they want. Also, customers can freely set their price. Through this service, problems with production cost and inventory for creators can be resolved. The service has high added value as a new-type “no cost” EC site, and it’s aim is to support creators in Japan.

The original business plan for Ita-Beya won first prize in the business contest held during the 2013 Waseda University Entrepreneur Training Course, first prize in the Waseda University Business Plan Contest, and the Microsoft Award in the Entrepreneur Koshien, to name a few.

Microsoft Japan has started its new division Microsoft Ventures Tokyo for helping support entrepreneurs. The division provides expertise through dispatching its members for technology coaching using Microsoft Azure, development tools, and any other resource at their disposal. Accompanying this, Aya Tokura, the technology evangelist at Microsoft Japan, has been inaugurated as the CTO of So-Zo, where she will advise the company on all things related to technology. Since her inauguration, Tokura has promoted the use of engineers, raised the technological strength of start ups, and launched a new web service.

Because the otaku market has permeated into the general public (itasha, ita-in, ita-nails, ita-neckties, etc.), the company is planning collaborations with anime-themed restaurants and karaoke clubs, as well as hotels and more. Also, due to an increase in the amount of new anime and the worldwide otaku population, the company plans to extend itself overseas to target otaku worldwide.

^1^ Similar to itasha, which are cars plastered with illustrations of characters from anime and games, “ita-beya” means to decorate your interior space with characters from anime and games.

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