Second PV for the Anime Sword Art Online II Releases!

The second promotional video for the TV anime Sword Art Online II, which will finally begin broadcasting on July 5, has been uploaded to YouTube. The PV shows battle scenes with main character Kirito and heroine Shinon, as well as the mysterious avatar Death Gun whose eyes shine with an ominous glow. Flowing in the background of the action is the opening theme “IGNITE” by Eir Aoi. This song overflowing with speed will bring more attention to the work.

This anime is the newest in the Sword Art Online series which has a worldwide fanbase. There is only a month left until the broadcast begins, so look forward to it!

Sword Art Online II Official Site
Eir Aoi Official Site

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TV Anime Sword Art Online II Second PV
TV Anime *Sword Art Online II* Second PV
Anime screenshot
Anime screenshot

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