livetune × redjuice - Two Top Creators Team Up Once Again!

From sci-fi writer Satoshi Hase comes BEATLESS, nominee of the 34th Nihon SF Taisho Award.

Releasing on June 25 is “BEATLESS - Tool for the Outsourcers,” a limited compilation set that includes Inside Beatless, an artbook by worldwide popular illustrator redjuice who is also the character designer on the series.

Also included in the set is a compilation CD produced by kz of livetune who worked on the web commercial “Google Chrome: Hatsune Miku” and is currently buzzing due to his recent collaboration with Pharrell Williams, Hatsune Miku, and Takashi Murakami.

Being that it has been five years since the last collaboration work between redjuice and kz (livetune), “Re:Mikus,” this is a long-awaited work for fans of both. kz will be collaborating on the music side, and a collaboration track with NIRGILIS––who have been in charge of the theme songs for several TV anime including Eureka Seven, D. Gray-man, and Deadman Wonderland––is in the works titled “livetune adding NIRGILIS.” Anime fans will want take notice of this as well.

Furthermore, the contents of the collaboration CD will be wonderful, original songs created by the next generation of up-and-coming creators that includes Seiho, banvox, fazerock, y0c1e, Pa’s Lam System, and Sakiko Osawa. The contents are irresistible not just to fans of BEATLESS, but discerning music fans as well.

“BEATLESS - Tool for the Outsourcers” is currently available for pre-order on the TOM Premium Shop
! It will release on June 25.

[“BEATLESS - Tool for the Outsourcers” Contents]
★ Image compilation CD produced by kz (livetune)
★ Art book with completed illustrations drawn by redjuice
★ A complete compilation of anime illustrations drawn by anime studio Wit Studio ( Attack on Titan ) specifically for the serialization of the English version of BEATLESS on Tokyo Otaku Mode
★ Deluxe sleeve designed by Tsuyoshi Kusano Design Works, which worked on The Idolmaster and Guilty Crown

[Compilation CD Tracklist] *Tentative
・”Dreaming Shout” by livetune adding NIRGILIS
・”Door” by Seiho
・”Monolith” by banvox
・”Liberated Flame” by fazerock
・”Life” by y0c1e
・”Trust” Pa’s Lam System
・”Soulless” by Sakiko Osawa

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Vocaloid producer kz
Vocaloid producer kz
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