Completed in Six Months! The Birth of the Life-Size Lego Miku!

In recent years, Lego blocks have gone through a remarkable expansion. Until the present, set merchandise sets containing up to a few thousand pieces have been developed through the Lego Group in Denmark, and these sets are well-liked among children. The World Robot Olympiad targets elementary and middle school students, and it is a big event that attracts more than 200,000 participants worldwide every year. Pro Lego creators referred to as “Builders” have also appeared, giving birth to surprising works.

A life-size Hatsune Miku made of Legos was announced on the Internet. The completion report on Twitter by creator Terebi was retweeted more than 11,000 times, creating a huge echo. This time, we interviewed Terebi about his making of the life-size Lego Miku.

Terebi’s profile:
Representative and builder of the circle Chaos Renga. He creates 3D models of various genres, such as anime, games, and Vocaloids using Legos.

TOM: How did you get into building Legos?
I could have been my parents buying Legos for me. I was already absorbed in Legos when I was a child.

TOM: Is it reasonable to say that you are a pro Lego builder?
No, I’m still just aspiring. I do occasionally make welcome boards for requests, though.

TOM: What was your motivation for creating this life-size Miku?
I love Miku and I’ve built her before from Legos on many occasions, and then, as I was making them, I thought, “Perhaps I could make a life-size one,” and although it was reckless, I still made it little by little from the bottom. When I told this to fellow Lego builders, they gave me their unneeded parts, that plus imported parts together were enough to make it, so in order to start my life living together with Miku, I began building.

TOM: How long did it take to complete?
The building itself took six months, eight if you count conception.

TOM: How many Legos did you use?
More than 20,000 pieces. This was the most among my works until now.

TOM: When building the statue, was there anything you had a hard time with?
Since it was my first time creating a life-size model, I had some trouble with it. I was worried about the strength of her feet, whether her panties should be striped or white, whether she should really wear panties, whether I should make the skirt laminated or use furnish plates on the hard hose parts as rails, how I would express the bodyline, how big and what shape her breasts should be, up to her facial expression and eyes and the weight of her twin tails. But I saw through how far I’d be able to take Miku in Lego.

TOM: What were the fun parts during building?
Seeing Miku gradually come together by my hands really gave my mood a burst. When the lower and the upper body was complete, seeing the encouraging comments on Twitter, or when it was actually finished, I got excited and shouted, “Miku is really an angel!”

TOM: It seems you also make various other Lego models. Do you have anything particular in mind for the future?
I’m planning on making original mecha models, and for daily articles, Kan Colle and Touhou Project related works.

TOM: Do plan on making other Hatsune Miku themed models in the future?
Nothing as big as life-size, but I’d like to make models that are 2-3 times bigger than my previous ones.

What kind of Mikus will be born from the hands of Terebi? A Sakura Miku version? Or a chibi version? We are looking forward to his next piece of work!

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