A Robot Dance with Akihabara as the Backdrop - What is the Appeal of Music Group World Order’s New PV?

Embodying the stereotypical “salaryman” image that many foreigners have of clean-cut men in suits with glasses and well-groomed hairstyles, seven men each sporting a poker face dance a choreographed, robot-inspired routine. This peculiar performance is from the new PV “Have a Nice Day” by music group World Order that is gathering attention from all kinds of media sources. The PV puts emphasis on showing the streets of Japan in the background and also succeeds in communicating the charms of Japan. The PV also tightly packs in the charms of the main street of Akihabara, the “otaku paradise.”

The Electric Town Exit off the Yamanote Line, Radio Kaikan, maid cafes, the AKB48 theater - many famous spots of Akihabara appear in the 4-minute, 34-second video. The extravagant content lets viewers experience Akihabara together with enjoying WO’s performance.

The previous PV “Welcome to Tokyo” released in October 2013 showed not just Akihabara, but also other well-known districts of Tokyo including Ueno and Shinjuku. Make sure to see this one too so you can learn about Tokyo while enjoying WO’s singing and dancing.

World Order was formed in 2009 by the multitalented Genki Sudo, former MMA fighter and current actor and author. The group is comprised of seven male dancers including Sudo. In 2012, the group won the Guinness Word Record for “Most People Dancing the Robot” with the video for their debut song “World Order” which was shot at an event held on March 15 in which 640 dancers gathered for a flash mob that included the seven members of WO for a total of 647 people.

Keep WO on your radar from here on to see what view of Japan they will transmit to the world next through their videos and performances.

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