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Before reading further, please take a look at the concert video above.

Any anime music fan can probably tell right away, but this is footage from a live performance at Anime Festival Asia 2013, which was held in Singapore from Nov. 8-9, 2013. Recorded are performances by LiSA, the singer of the opening theme to the anime Fate/Zero, and Eir Aoi, the singer of the opening theme to the anime Sword Art Online.

LiSA sings “Mousou Controller,” a song from her album. Afterwards, Eir Aoi sings a song titled “Innocence.” The video gives viewers a good taste of the powerful performances of the two singers and the tremendous energy of the fans.

By the way, were you not surprised by this dynamic video and its clear sound and picture quality? The video was recorded using 40 of Sony’s Music Video Recorder (MVR) video cameras and really puts the capabilities of the MVR on display by having staff put the cameras on their arms and heads to get the audience’s perspective and attaching the MVR to balloons to get shots from above.

The MVR is a video camera with high-resolution sound quality developed to be used for music, and it allows the user to easily record high-quality sound and video. From practice to stage, you can record and review your performances and then release them to the public by uploading the videos to social networking and other sites. You can share your music with the world using quality sound and video. The case is compact to easily fit in your hand. It’s something that both musicians and music fans will want to keep by their side.

To see more MVR videos, please take a look at the long versions of the Anime Festival Asia 2013 performances on the official YouTube channel linked below. You’ll also be able to hear the anime songs mentioned previously, so be sure not to miss it!

Music Video Recorder by Sony × LiSA at AFA Singapore Live
Music Video Recorder by Sony × Eir Aoi at AFA Singapore Live

The MVR is currently being sold without a suggested retail price. If you’re someone who works or has an interest in music, why not test it out?

Music Video Recorder Offical Site (Japanese)
Music Video Recorder YouTube Channel

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Music Video Recorder by Sony × LiSA / Eir Aoi Live at AFA (Short Ver.)
Music Video Recorder by Sony × LiSA / Eir Aoi Live at AFA (Short Ver.)

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