Music Video to Popular Song from the Hatsune Miku Mini Album MikXperience EP Releases

The short version of the music video for the popular song “Overwriter” by Tilt-Six, which is included on the Hatsune Miku mini album MikXperience EP that went on sale Aug. 28, has been released.

Tilt-Six is an up-and-coming Vocaloid producer who began being active in January of this year with the song “Electro Saturator,” which became a hit overnight. His characteristic is his fresh sound that fuses electro and dubstep.

Hatsune Miku appears in the music video for “Overwriter” through the use of MikuMikuDance (MMD). WakamuraP, who has worked on many videos for Vocaloid songs such as “Tell Your World” by Livetune feat. Hatsune Miku, participated as the creator of the video, which complements the song beautifully.

In addition to “Overwriter,” MikXperience EP features six all new songs, including self-mixed versions of “Technology ni Yume Nosete” and “Hitoribocchi no UFO.” Make sure to also take a listen to these. Also included is a Hatsune Miku history and data mook that includes exclusive artwork by well-known illustrators.

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"Overwriter" by Tilt-Six
"Overwriter" by Tilt-Six

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