Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 5 Recap: “Trial in the Open Water!”

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 5 Recap: “Trial in the Open Water!”

In the room, the jerseys and T-shirts are all set; at last, they have gained their posture as a swim club. While choosing the events to participate in for the prefectural tournament, they take into account everyone’s weaknesses and decide to focus on close range. Gō then finds the book that outlines the previous swim club’s training regiment: long-distance swimming at a deserted island.

The swim club consults Amakata about having a training camp at the island right away, but she tells them the club’s budget doesn’t allow it. The club captain, Makoto, then resolves that they do something themselves and gathers camping equipment. All that remains is the travel fee. They remembered that former coach Goro has a fishing boat, and they decide to ask him to ferry them to the island. Although they were expecting refusal...he consents! On the way home, it’s clear from Makoto’s facial expression that he has had some past trauma involving the sea, and Haruka asks him if he is really okay with going.

And so, the squid fishing boat raises its banner and departs for the training camp! However, upon arriving at the island’s pool, they find Samezuka Academy’s swimming club in training.

The first point of the training regiment, swimming between three islands, is very hard. The beginner Rei, although using a kickboard, still manages to swim it. In the evening, Gō, who went to fetch some seasonings, comes across his brother, Rin. At dinner, Rei gets depressed for not being able to keep up with the training schedule, but Makoto cheers him on as the team captain, saying that doing it together is fun.

However, Rei, not wanting to be a burden to everybody, goes out at night to practise by himself, only to be caught by a sudden storm. He is just about to drown...when Makoto jumps into the sea! Can he save Rei?

They finally got the groundwork of the club laid, but they ran into trouble during their very first training camp. What was Makoto’s trauma, and will he be able to save Rei? We are anxious to see the next episode.

Scriptwriter - Masahiro Yokotani
Storyboard - Hiroko Utsumi
Director - Ichiro Miyoshi
Animation Director - Yukiko Horiguchi

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© Koji Oji, Kyoto Animation Co. Ltd. / Iwatobi High Swim Club

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