“A Certain Scientific Railgun S” Episode 14 Recap: “Promise”

Until she hears word from her “onee-sama,” she will wait patiently. Even though that is what she has resolved to do, Kuroko’s uneasiness from Mikoto’s prolonged absence is growing stronger. She is then visited by someone unexpected – the one who hit on her onee-sama: Touma. Thinking that he may offer even a slight clue as to where Mikoto is, she invites him to her room. However, while there, the dorm supervisor makes her rounds and Touma has to hide under Mikoto’s bed. While holding his breath under the bed, Touma finds a document– he comes to find the hidden truth of the experiments involving Mikoto’s “sisters,” one of whom he previously met. Learning of Mikoto’s lone struggle, He sets out across the nighttime Academy City. Meanwhile, Mikoto arrives at the last option she has available to her.
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Mikoto’s partner, Kuroko Shirai, is worried about Mikoto’s activities due to Mikoto not confiding in her and asking for help. Looking for answers and to validate the truth behind the insane experiments, Touma Kamijo shows up at Kuroko’s dorm looking for Mikoto. However, only Kuroko is there. Thinking that she may get information out of him regarding Mikoto’s whereabouts, Kuroko lets him stay in their room until she returns. However, when the dorm supervisor makes her night rounds and Touma has to hide under Mikoto’s bed, he happens to find a document written by Mikoto outlining the details of the experiment. Afterward, Touma sets out to track down Mikoto. When he happens to find her, she is mentally and physically drained from her fight against the experiments and at the end of her rope.

An emotional argument then breaks out between the two of them. The result of the argument, which involved Mikoto’s decision to sacrifice herself to stop the experiments, was Touma’s promise to do whatever he could to stop it for her. Coming to the aid of Mikoto who has continued to fight alone, Touma fully makes his reliableness shown. The contrast between the expression of Mikoto, a mixture of her lingering loneliness, gentleness, and feelings of futility, and the expression of Touma, who has resolved to help her, is impressive. A fierce battle will unfold in the next episode!

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