Commemorative PV Filmed for Release of Ninth Volume of “Suicide Island”

A promotional video for Koji Mori’s popular manga Suicide Island has been revealed on the manga’s official website and its publisher Hakusensha’s official channel. Hakusensha made this video as a commemorative project for the release of the ninth volume of the manga on May 29. At the time of filming, they also appointed director Kazuaki Seki, a well-known and popular music video creator for such acts as Perfume and Sakanaction. Nine people from various backgrounds act in the video: Hirofumi Arai, Yushin Okami, Jin Katagiri, Nobukazu Kuriki, Takahiro Sakurai, Hakase Suidobashi, Takayuki Suzuki, and Risa Yoshiki. From mountain climbers to actors, the wide participation in this video is a hot topic.

Mori’s Suicide Island has been serialized in Young Animal (published by Hakusensha) since 2008. His previous works, such as Holy Land, are based on his own personal experiences and feature his characteristic writing style. As might be expected, the work calls itself an “extreme survival drama,” and it has the reputation of expressing the reality of that. “If you don’t die, you’ll have to live.” Suicide Island is the place where those who have abandoned the duty to live and repeatedly attempted suicide - “designated suicide addicts” - are sent. The protagonist, Sei, is drawn with the same life - that of a “person who attempted suicide.”

The promotional video acts as an intermediary to discuss the theme of “being alive.” Each segment focuses on the various points of view of each of the nine popular stars. The promotional video will be available for a limited time until July 31. Making a promotional video in this way to promote a new manga release is extremely rare. We want to watch it more than once during its run.

Suicide Island Official Site: (Japanese)


"Suicide Island" presents nine people's speeches about "being alive."
"Suicide Island" presents nine people's speeches about "being alive."
Commemorative PV Filmed for Release of Ninth Volume of “Suicide Island” 2

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