Creator Interview: falmaro [1/2]

Creator Interview: falmaro [1/2]

Recently, we interviewed falmaro, a TOM Special Creator whose exquisite art will leave you speechless. Read on for the interview!

Creator Introduction
Name: falmaro
Experience: About three years
Creator’s MyPage:

TOM: How did you get into drawing pictures?
falmaro: For one reason, I could say that I thought it would be fun if I could draw pictures. I like the pretty images on game packages and game booklets, so I would often look at them. You could say that was my motivation.

TOM: When you started making illustrations, did you have any illustrators who you drew inspiration from?
falmaro: No, but there is an illustrator I like in particular, Nagi Ryou ( The manual for Ar tonelico 3 is an important booklet to me.

TOM: In three years since starting, you’ve gone so far as to start working as a professional; it is really amazing. Have you drawn in digital from the beginning?
falmaro: Yes, I was using a graphics tablet right from the beginning because I resolved to make pictures using digital means.

TOM: When drawing pictures, is there something in particular you pay attention to?
falmaro: Well, not so much as pay attention, but I like challenging myself with some new way to draw every time. I try to use a different way of expression for pictures I draw as a pro compared to those I’ve painted so far, and I always keep some material in stock for that.

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