Creator Interview: Nonomy [1/2]

Creator Interview: Nonomy [1/2]

Recently, we interviewed Nonomy, a TOM Special Creator who is known for his stunning cosplay of female characters. Read on for the interview!

Creator Introduction
Name: Nonomy
Creator's MyPage:

TOM: How did you get into cosplaying female characters?
Nonomy: My cosplay started at a school fair at my college when the circle that my friend and I established held a booth called “The Shop Staff Are All Boys Dressed as Girls Cosplay Cafe.” At the time, my cosplay was a joke, as I didn’t bother with makeup and wore pre-made outfits. By chance, a supporter of the Miss Universe pageant came to the cafe and said, “You would look ridiculously cute if you properly did your makeup. Let’s debut your cosplay at this winter’s Comic Market! I will do your makeup!”

I thought it was a long time in the making, but I did as I was told and made my cosplay debut. By doing it that way, it was better received that I had anticipated. Therefore, I decided to begin my activities as a cosplayer with the thought that “can’t I cosplay as more characters that I like if I put my all into it?” Since there are many more female characters that I like over male characters, I learned how to do makeup and make clothing, and began to cosplay as female characters.

TOM: Are there any points that you need to be cautious about as a male cosplaying female characters that are different from those of female cosplayers?
Nonomy: Frankly, shaving my facial hair. As for makeup, concealer is definitely helpful, but hiding a man’s facial hair is not so easy. Even with carefully shaving, you can still faintly see it under the foundation...

Therefore, when I decide on a cosplay, three or four days prior to the photo shoot, I intentionally let my beard grow out, and the day before the photo shoot I wax it all off. It’s a difficult process that takes over an hour, but it’s a necessary part of creating the cosplay. However, for the hair on my arms and legs, shaving does the job just fine.

(Interview to be continued)

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