Nano’s Powerful and Enchanting Voice Drives Fans Wild at First Solo Concert “Remember Your Color”

It’s past time and the singer still hasn’t shown up yet; the hall is noisy. After 10 long minutes, laser beams leak out from behind the white curtains on the stage, and the nearly 2,500 people in attendance start screaming in joy.
The fans were screaming from the start at Nano’s first solo concert, “Remember Your Color,” on March 16, 2013 at Studio Coast in Shinkiba, Tokyo. In order to match the song "Magenta," which mirrors Nano’s mental state and the fact that Nano will henceforth be active on an international level, the fans dyed the hall magenta with their glow sticks. The audience went crazy by Nano's mere appearance on stage, but after the first song, the voltage rose even more as Nano, who has never shown Nano's face in any media, finally did so amidst roaring screams from the audience. In the second song, "Neophobia," Nano rode the uptempo melody with a sweet, but at the same time powerful, voice. Fans were jumping up and down with excitement and the whole concert hall was shaking. During the third song, “Silence,” the audience got even crazier when an impressive display of red laser beams matching the melody shot out from the stage. From the very beginning, Nano pulled the audience into a vortex of exhilaration; even the reporters were getting excited.
After finishing “Silence,” fans here and there were shouting "Nano-sama!!" Nano then addressed the crowd in a cheerful voice, saying, "Welcome to my first concert!" which fired up the crowd even more. As Nano looked out over the audience, standing on stage at Nano's first concert, Nano said, "Seeing the hall glow in magenta sure feels good!" Despite Nano's lingering nervousness, Nano still managed to heat up the mood, saying, "Are you ready to wave your hands?" to which the crowd followed. After the sky-piercing melody of “Kaleidoscope” came the invigorating “Gallows Bell,” which even made the staff started moving to the rhythm. When the sixth song, “Horizon,” was about to begin, the staff accidentally mistook the song. However, this little blunder only added to the concert’s charm, as such things can only happen at a concert. “Horizon” had a gentle melody, and it warmed the hearts of the audience with a nostalgic feeling.

Having overcome Nano's earlier butterflies, Nano then talked some more to the crowd. People yelled, "Nice clothes!" and Nano explained that they were made by Nano's family. The next song was “No Pain, No Game,” the theme song to the anime Btooom!, which was broadcast last fall. The fast song, together with the skillfully manipulated laser beams and video, once again brought back the enthusiasm of the crowd. The performance, the song, feeling one with the audience, and Nano's coolness was enough to give us goosebumps. The eighth song, “Exist,” had such power in it, it felt as if the roof would blow off. Nano sang using Nano's whole body while fans raised their glow sticks into the air with power to match Nano's. Afterward, Nano got excited as Nano talked about the difference in how Nano felt at the time of Nano's rehearsal and now. To calm down the audience, who all got excited with Nano, Nano explained about the next song, “Crossroad”: "I wrote this song for a friend's wedding. I want you to think about the crossroads of life while you listen to it. My crossroad is today." Nano enchanted the concert hall with the lyrics of this original ballad and Nano's delicate voice. After the song was over, Nano disappeared behind the stage and the concert hall was covered in darkness. Voices from the audience called to Nano, saying, "Nano-sama!" When Nano came back out, Nano impressed everyone with Nano's change of clothes.
"I've always dreamed of having an acoustic set at a concert" Nano said before sending out a message of thanks to Nano's mother, whose birthday it was. Nano said the last sentence of Nano's heartfelt message in English: "To the best mom in the world." With all the spotlights fixed on Nano, Nano sang a serious, chest-tightening song called “Histery,” which drew the audience into Nano's world. The next song, “Glow,” was sung in a slightly soft voice, with a video showing seedlings reaching up toward the light, as if they were an analogy for Nano. The acoustic set ended with a new song called “Our Story,” to which Nano had this to say: "This is my first concert and I want to convey my pure feelings, but no matter how much I talk, I just can't express them. I wrote the lyrics of this song to do just that." The audience listened with their eyes closed as Nano sang to their hearts.

Regarding the next song, “Be Free (With Music),” Nano conveyed the feelings hidden behind it: "This will be my first time singing this, I was a bit puzzled to be honest, but I didn’t want to say I couldn't do it." Reminiscent of the breaking of dawn, the audience was again filled with life as Nano belted the song out. Before moving to the last song, “Nevereverland,” Nano said, "I've been working hard to become a singer ever since I was a child, but as I was growing up, the people around me used to say, ‘You can't live in a dream forever,’ and, ‘There's no way you can become a singer.’ I almost lost confidence in myself, but I made it all the way here. So to those of you who think your future is impossible, I would like you to forget all that and listen to my song!" With this, Nano began singing enthusiastically once more.
Having finished Nano's set, the audience yelled out to Nano as Nano left the stage. The band members also left the stage after Nano. The voices from the crowd calling Nano's name gradually turned into calls for an encore. After three minutes, which to the fans might've felt even longer than the 10 minutes before the concert began, Nano and Nano's band jumped out on stage as if answering the audience's calls.
For the encore, Nano sang “Now or Never.” Along with the refreshing song was an awesome video of running through the streets of a city. Even though the audience should have been tired by this point, they gathered their strength and cheered on. Nano, being moved by the fact that there were people from Northern Japan (Hokkaido), Southern Japan (Okinawa), and even from abroad among the audience, Nano put Nano's all into the last song, “Remember, My Friend.” Filling Nano fans’ hearts with happiness, Nano’s first concert came to an end.
Since the concert, it has been revealed that Nano will perform at DoKomi, an anime convention held in Dusseldorf Germany in May, as well as in Tokyo and Osaka in August, which will once again pull Nano fans in Japan into Nano's vortex of excitement after they’ve gotten a short break.
Not only did Nano manage to entertain Nano fans during Nano's first concert, Nano moved them to tears. Moving forward, Nano is planning to expand Nano's field from Japan to the entire world, so if Nano appears at an otaku event near you, make sure to check it out! TokyoOtakuMode will also follow Nano's activities, so expect to hear even more from this talented singer in the future!


No pain, No game / Nano
No pain, No game / Nano
Nevereverland / Nano
Nevereverland / Nano
Nano’s Powerful and Enchanting Voice Drives Fans Wild at First Solo Concert “Remember Your Color” 3

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