Creator Interview: Kimura Yoshinobu

Recently, we interviewed Kimura Yoshinobu, a TOM creator who wows fans with his tilt-shift photography. Read on for the interview!

Creator Introduction
- Name: Kimura Yoshinobu
- Experience: I started composite photography 15 years ago. At that time, I didn’t have a high resolution PEL digital camera. I photographed with a film camera, used a scanner, and worked with the photos on my PC.
- Creator's Mypage:

TOM: How did you get into doing this type of photography?
Kimura: I wanted to express the images I have in my head when I combine several items. I originally liked special effects photography, and hoped to make similar photos myself.

TOM: How do you create your work?
Kimura: I first work on the background. Day after day, I photograph places I come across that may be used as a photo’s background. I prepare in advance when I travel to locations to photograph at that are a little farther away. If I find a scene I want to make into a tilt-shift photo, at that point I start the process, photograph a suitable figure, and mix the photo.

TOM: How do people react to your work?
Kimura: It seems they think it’s interesting. Among the reactions I have received are ones that say, “You’re using such high skill to create something trivial.” But these comments actually make me the happiest. I think for otaku to demonstrate their creativity, it comes down to this.

TOM: What are you currently working on? Is there any new art you’d like to create?
Kimura: I have images in my head, but I don’t think I can represent them even in a video. I still want to create higher quality still images and perk the curiosity in those who see them.

TOM: Is there anything you’d like to say to TOM’s worldwide fanbase?
Kimura: Thank you for reading this interview. I want to express my gratitude for those who follow me. Thank you. Even into the future, I will try my hardest to continue making “trivial” creations. Please look forward to it.

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Creator's Mypage:

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