Hatsune Miku to Appear at Amusement Park in Kumamoto

New news has been released regarding the world famous Hatsune Miku. It seems that an event for the popular singer is going to be held at the amusement park Greenland, which is located in Araoshi, Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu.

The name of the event is “Party with Hatsune Miku! in Greenland”, and it will be held at the Greenland amusement park from March 16 until May 6. The event is even scheduled to take place during spring break and Golden Week. The event will feature illustrations on display, goods for sale, and various Hatsune Miku attractions for attendees to enjoy. Furthermore, during the event’s running period, Greenland will be decked out in everything Hatsune Miku.

Kumamoto may be an area that overseas anime fans are unfamiliar with. However, Greenland is regarded as one of Japan’s premier amusement parks. The park even has a golf course and onsen. Due to the park’s name, Hatsune Miku and her emerald green hair fit in perfectly.

http://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1301/21/news132.html (Japanese)

Hatsune Miku to Appear at Amusement Park in Kumamoto 1

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