Creator Interview: TETZ-CO

Name: TETZ-CO (Tekkou)

Experience: I’ve been working as TETZ-CO (Tekkou) for about 10 years. I don’t quite remember... I started doing doujinshi about 15 years ago. In 2010, I began doing work for people.

Genre: Illustration

Q1: How did you start drawing?
A1: An elderly person in my neighborhood used to draw, and I thought that I could do better. I used it as motivation (haha)!

Q2: How do you draw?
A2: With a sketchbook and mechanical pencil.

Q3: What was your most difficult work?
A3: I was extremely worried about how I would finish this art due to a strict schedule and lack of ideas.

Q4: What is your most popular work or work that best represents your personal style?
A4: This doujinshi cover art. I drew this for people to easily understand the characters’ personalities.

Q5: Which work took you the longest to complete?
A5: Due to the second aforementioned point above, I drew this in about three hours while humming a tune.

Q6: Which work did you fuss the most over?
A6:Well... All! But if I’m forced to choose, It would be this work. I aimed to correctly represent the actress’ appearances and roles in a manga style.

Q7: Which work’s background did you fuss the most over?
A7: The manga section of this doujinshi (haha)! Instead of saying that I fussed over the background too much, I’d be more appropriate to say that I fussed over drawing too many of them.

Q8: What is your most simple work?
A8: While looking at the art books of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi and Utagawa Kuniyoshi....[this idea came to me]. Japan’s fine arts are inspiring.

Q9: Tell us about a fanart piece that you like the most.
A9: The Nordic Five of Hetalia! The characters’ relationships are dramatic.

Q10: Tell us about an illustration of a character you like.
A10: Dante! I love Dante from DMC3 and DMC4. He’s my waifu.

Q11: Tell us about an illustration of a supporting character you like.
A11: Hermann from Blassreiter. This work’s action is a treasure of Japan.

Q12: What are your favorite shades and colors to work with?
A12: I like all of them! I like the combination of red, black, and white. I’m definitely not a Nazi though.... The decoration of Enryaku-ji on Mount Hiei is inspiring.

Q13: Do you like drawing girls, boys, or animals the most?
A13: Everything! I like to draw so that the life and vitality remain [in the art].

Q14: How do you practice drawing?
A14: By drawing nothing but what I want.

Q15: Please share your latest work.
A15: Please check it out here anytime!

Q16: Could we please take a look at an example of your artistic method or tools?

Q17: Could you please share one of your rough drafts?

Q18: In a few words, what would you like to say to TOM?
A18: I really appreciate everything! Always, thank you so much! Grow even more, okay? ^^

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