Lily from Anim.o.v.e Collaboration Shochu and Gaufrette Go On Sale!

To the chagrin of many fans, the band m.o.v.e recently announced that after the release of their best-of album and their final concert they would be breaking up. The Vocaloid Lily, who is based on the voice of Yuri, is the vocalist for the band. Lily was also created as the character for the anime song and collaboration album series called “Anim.o.v.e”.

If Lily looks familiar, it’s because she was designed by KEI, the famous illustrator who also designed Hatsune Miku. On Dec. 31, 2012, two collaboration products featuring Lily began being sold in Japan. These products are the “Moe Shochu Lily” (shochu is a type of Japanese alcohol) and the “Lily from Anim.o.v.e Gaufrette” (gaufrette is a type of confectionary treat). Each product features artwork of Lily as a Japanese courtesan.

Those who buy the “Moe Shochu Lily” will receive an original poster as a free gift. The poster’s dimensions are 515mm x 515mm, which may strike many as being an odd size for a poster. This is due to the layout of the illustration and Lily’s pose. However, because of this, and the fact that it is limited, it means that the poster is quite rare and is something that many fans will want to get their hands on.

The “Lily from Anim.o.v.e Gaufrette” is a great original treat for fans that features a chibi version of Lily baked right onto the gaufrette. Those who purchase this item will receive an IC card sticker that can be used over and over again to add flair to things like commuter passes, driver’s licenses, ATM cards, and more. The stickers come in three varieties: regular Lily, chibi Lily, and courtesan Lily.

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