Galaco, New Vocaloid Whose Voice is Modeled After Kou Shibasaki, to Release in Early August

Vocaloid 3 Library Galaco NEO
Vocaloid 3 Library Galaco NEO

A new addition to Yamaha’s Vocaloid series of software, “Vocaloid 3 Library Galaco NEO,” will release in early August. The characteristic of this female vocal library is that it is based on the voice of actress Kou Shibasaki.

This unique product is based on the voice of a popular actress. It will release in both package and download versions, with the package version being available at music instrument stores nationwide in Japan and the download version being available from the official online store for Vocaloid, Vocaloid Store.

“Vocaloid 3 Library Galaco NEO” will include two voice qualities: “Galaco RED,” which has a clear vocal quality, and “Galaco BLUE,” which has a soft and deep vocal quality. Both vocal libraries are included in the software, meaning users can enjoy being able to create vocal melodies suitable for a wide range of musical genres, from rock to ballads.

The bright voice of Galaco RED, which faithfully captures the voice of Kou Shibasaki, is perfectly suited for uptempo electropop and rock tunes. On the other hand, with Galaco BLUE’s moody voice users can create songs smoothly sung word by word. This voice is best suited for pop tunes and ballads. In addition, Galaco RED’s vocal harmony makes it possible to use as a chorus.

Also included in the software is “Galaco Talk,” which is best suited for narrations and the like. Users can make her read text of their choosing simply by inputting it. Additionally, the software comes with over 100 voice samples of Kou Shibasaki’s actual voice. Also included are data to use as references for creating music, including the demo song “Namida wa Uchū ni Furu” written and composed by Vocaloid music creator Peperon-P.

Galaco’s character design was created by illustrator Jirō Tomioka, who work on designs for publications, CD jackets, games, and more. Details on Galaco will be published to the product page as well as a special site to open on July 18. The price of the software is 16,000 yen (excluding tax) for the download version. The price of the package version is yet to be announced.

Source: animeanime
Source article written by Katsunori Takahashi

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