“Robotics;Notes” Episode 13 Recap: “What a Crazy World”

“The production of the GunBuild-2 is progressing nicely do to the help of Doc and JAXA. After analyzing the leaked final episode of Gunvarrel, Frau finds a subliminal message in the anime left by her mom. Increasing the validity of the Kimijima Report, news of a solar storm hitting Kanto begins to spread as Kaito is hurriedly collecting the remaining flags.” - Official episode guide

Although the system to incorporate the monopole isn’t yet fully created, work is progressing nicely on the GunBuild-2. Aside from meeting with Kaito, Frau has been isolated in her apartment for months. Upon analysing the leaked final episode of Gunvarrel, she stumbles upon a hidden subliminal message.

Upon further investigation she finds a message written on her mom’s website explaining about a solar storm and Project Atom. the information also fits with what is written in the Kimijima Report. At that time, a solar storm hits Kanto, causing all of the robots to go berserk and begin attacking people. Frau’s account is hacked to make it look like she is the culprit. Since the last episode, the story has rapidly developed. In response to these sudden plot twists, fans took to the message boards to express their high anticipation, saying, “The real story is finally starting!” and “From here on, it will be a science adventure!”

Will the berserking robots be stopped? Will the events written in the Kimijima Report actually come true? Don’t miss the next episode.

“Robotics;Notes” Episode 13 Recap: “What a Crazy World” 1
“Robotics;Notes” Episode 13 Recap: “What a Crazy World” 2
“Robotics;Notes” Episode 13 Recap: “What a Crazy World” 3

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