Hit Song “Senbonzakura” Is Becoming a Nico Nico Musical! Hatsune Miku to Appear

Hatsune Miku’s hit song is being made into a musical!

“Senbonzakura”, a famous Vocaloid song by Hatsune Miku, is set to come to the stage as Nico Nico Musical’s 10th production. Seventeen performances are planned from Mar. 13-24, 2013, at the Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater. As with previous Niko Niko Musical productions, the show will be available to view on Nico Nico Live for a fee.

“Senbonzakura” was produced by Kurousa-P, whose other songs include “Akahitoha” and “Cantarella”. For Kurousa-P, this will be a follow up to the musical version of “Cantarella”. With a wide base of fans in their teens and twenties, the popularity of “Senbonzakura” has earned the song the number one spot among ringtones and karaoke songs. On Nico Nico Douga alone, the song has surpassed 4.8 million views.

The musical will feature an original story based on the song “Senbonzakura”. It will be set in 2011 in a parallel universe, where the Taisho era has continued to its 100th year on the Japanese era calendar. The story centers around Kaito Seine, a young soldier who finds himself caught up in a plot surrounding the “Senbonzakura,” which serve as a symbol of the capital.

Kazuki Kato, popular from series such as “Kamen Rider Kabuto” and “Hotaru no Hikari,” has been cast to play the role of Kaito Seine. As a member of the rock duo Joker, Kato also possesses a promising vocal talent. Hatsune Miku and other members of the Vocaloid family, including Akane Meiko, Kagamine Rin and Len, and Megurine Luka, are expected to appear as well.

Nico Nico Musical 10th Production “Senbonzakura”:
http://info.nicovideo.jp/nicomu/senbonsakura/ (Japanese)

http://animeanime.jp/article/2012/12/29/12538.html (Japanese)

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