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Justin Andrew Mason


Great Figure for the Price


While I'm not a big fan of the bunny figures, my curiosity was piqued with such a large figure selling at under $20 USD. The figure is on par in quality with most prize figures... just larger. If you're a Miku fan it's a good purchase. The netting on the leggings is rough-cut on the reverse, but from the front looks good.

Another Fantastic Taito Miku Figure


This is the second Taito Miku prize figure I've added to my collection, and both are pretty fantastic. I hope they continue with the series!

Another Fantastic DQXI figure set.


I'm almost sad that this is the last release of this series. They all look fantastic, and it's been exciting having them arrive every few months. Side by side, the entire collection of BringArts DQXI figures look amazing. The boxes are also beautiful and identically sized, so it looks amazing side-by-side on the shelf.

Groundwork of FLCL
Groundwork of FLCL$38.99

Great Book for FLCL Fans


Larger than the FLCL archive, Groundwork of FLCL takes a closer look at the storyboards done for the animation as well as some other great art. It's a perfect fit for any FLCL fan's collection.

Good Quality


As far as clear files go, these are pretty sturdy. No complaints about the product other than them being sold individually rather than offered as a set. Art is exactly as shown, and great for any FLCL fan!

Fun Postcard Set


The art used is pretty standard fare for FLCL merch. Nothing new here, but they are well made, vibrant, and nice little postcards. Perfect for a FLCL collection, or to send something fun to a friend.

Fantastic SQ Figures!!


As with all the other in the Bring Arts DQXI series of figures, these are amazingly well crafted for articulated figures, and the packaging is amazing. I was curious how the "double figure" packaging was going to work, I was excited to see that it's sized exactly the same as the single figures in the series. This keeps them looking all nice, neat, and uniform when displayed in the boxes on a shelf. Great purchase! Thanks!

Another Amazing BringArts DQ Figure!


Once again, as with the other figures released so far, top quality and amazing packaging. I'm so glad I snagged the whole set on preorder before they were sold out! Well placed seams for an articulated figure. While action figures aren't my usual fare, as a Dragon Quest fan, these are a must.

GiGO ONLINE CRANE SP$1.99 - $49.99

So Much Better!!!


Thanks to TOM for continuing to search for a great online crane game service, and providing bonus points for TOM Premium Subscribers. The Sega Catcher is so much better than the previous Akiba Catcher partnered with. And, better prizes too! Much better!

The Best of the Taito-themed Figures


Miku + Taito + Space Invaders = Win. Honestly, this little prize-quality figure has become one of my favorite figures ever. As a fan of Miku, a retro video game collector, and a fan of Taito in Tokyo, this incredibly affordable figure is perfect. No joke. I wish that the entire line of Taito figures had also so obviously embraced the logo. All the other figures in the line have obscure marks, almost unnoticeable (like they're trying to hide it). Not Miku, though. You can't mistake this figure as anything other than a celebration of Taito, and I love it for that. I don't even have this displayed with my other figures, rather I have it displayed along side my retro-games library...Read moreClose

Fantastic Figure & Beautiful Box


Bring Arts has been really impressing me with their Dragon Quest line of figures. Dragon Quest III Hero is no exception. The figure is high detail and great quality. Fantastic paintwork. That being said though, I think the box is actually my favorite part. It has a flip-open front that you open to see the figure nicely displayed in the packaging, but the front of it is the signature DQ blue with gold-foil stamp scrollwork incorporating the Loto's Seal design. It's really nice, and is worthy of display on it's own. Another great addition to my Dragon Quest collection. Thanks!

Otonano Takenoko
Otonano Takenoko$2.99 - $23.92



These little acorn-shaped snacks combine the sweet flavors of choco with the bitter taste of dark chocolate. The two flavors are balanced really well with these. And they can become addictive while eating.

Pocky Midi Matcha
Pocky Midi Matcha$2.99 - $23.92

Matcha is Matcha


I love matcha flavor. I love pocky. This combines the two for a delicious snack. It's a simple and straightforward flavor.

Sakusaku Panda
Sakusaku Panda$1.99 - $15.92

Little Bits of Heaven


These little chocolate-covered cookies are dense with flavor. Each bag contains very little, but they're so rich that more aren't needed.

Pocky Strawberry
Pocky Strawberry$3.99 - $31.92

Strawberry Pocky is Best Pocky


Of all the flavors Iv'e tried of Pocky, simple strawberry remains my favorite.

Nori Potato Chips
Nori Potato Chips$1.99 - $15.92

It's a Potato Chip


Okay, while I admit these are tasty, they are exactly like every other plane potato chip out there. I have no complaints. I'd happily have a bag with a sandwich or sub, but there's nothing special here. It really is just a bag of potato chips.

Pokémon Snack: Milk Flavor
Pokémon Snack: Milk Flavor$2.99 - $23.92

Flavorless Pikachu Heads


The product has fun branding, a neat package, and it comes with a random collectable Pokémon sticker . Good thing, because the snack itself has no flavor. I felt like I was eating air. They're fun little Pikachu head shaped puffs... with no flavor.

Pukupuku Tai Air in Choco
Pukupuku Tai Air in Choco$1.99 - $15.92

Light and Delicous


It's a fun snack. It's very delicious. It's also almost nothing. If you took the contents and crushed them down, it would probably be the size of table tennis ball (if that). If you're looking for an incredibly light snack, this is your gig.

Do Deka Bar: Chocolate
Do Deka Bar: Chocolate$1.99 - $15.92

Amazing Snack


Being completely honest, this was probably my favorite snack I've tried from Japan. It's got a great mix of flavors (puffs, chocolate, and nuts). Also, it's massive. No really. Like the biggest (not intentionally jumbo sized) candy bar ever. You really get your money's worth out of it.

Big Thunder 3
Big Thunder 3$1.99 - $15.92

The Thinnest Candybar Ever


Basically chocolate poured over one layer of a chocolate wafer cookie. Incredibly thin. There's not much substance to this snack, but it does taste delicious. Take three of them and stack them... then you have a fantastic candybar.

Crunky Popjoy
Crunky Popjoy$1.99 - $15.92

Very Good


There's a very easy way to explain exactly what these taste like. Take the outside chocolate shell of a Junior Mint and stuff it with a Crunch bar instead of mint. There you go, Crunky Popjoy. I enjoyed this, but they were very familiar flavors.

Pocky Brazilian Orange
Pocky Brazilian Orange$2.99 - $23.92

Strange, but Tasty


Maybe it's just me, but I've always found orange royal icing... strange. This is Pocky dipped in what is essentially orange-flavored icing. Its sweet. It taste good. Just not for me.

Koala's March Strawberry Flavor
Koala's March Strawberry Flavor$2.99 - $23.92



Aside form what seems like an endless parade of unique Koala designs printed on each cookie, these are absolutely delicious. And each box/bag comes with a lot of them. The strawberry flavor is pretty amazing as well. I've since sought these out and bought them in bulk. They're that good.

Pop Zack
Pop Zack$2.99 - $23.92

Not so Poppy


First let me say that these tasted really great. On the bag they look like they're kind of crunchy, maybe like rice crispies or a crunch bar, but they're not. They're kind of hard. Imagine biting into a chunk of dark chocolate, that's pretty close to the texture. Tasty, but not what I was expecting.

Shimi Corn Stick
Shimi Corn Stick$0.99 - $7.92

The Perfect Snack


These need to just become a staple. Like, every store everywhere should have a shelf filled with these at the checkout. It's cheap. It's simple. It's portable. And it's delicious and surprisingly filling for a snack composed mostly of air! I would happily eat one of these just about any time I was in the mood for a snack.

Ramune no Chikara
Ramune no Chikara$2.99 - $23.92

One Is Never Enough


Okay, first, these are really small, and at first I thought I was disappointed in the the faint flavor. Then I figured out how to eat them. Just turn the bag up and pour some in your mouth. When tasting several at once they compliment each other and the sweet flavor really comes through.

Umeboshi Candy
Umeboshi Candy$2.49 - $19.92

Unique Flavor


Such a unique tasting little candies. Sort of a savory sweet mix with a burst of extra sweetness on the back end of the flavor. I'd definitely like to try them again sometime.

Ramune Bottle Candy
Ramune Bottle Candy$1.49 - $11.92

Like Smarties but Different


I'm not sure I was a huge fan of these, but I'm not a huge fan of smarties either. These are essentially tic-tac sized smarties with the same weird powder texture. I wouldn't not eat them again if I came across them, but I also don't think I'd go looking to buy them either.

High Lemon Candy
High Lemon Candy$1.99 - $15.92

Sour and Tasty


This little crunchy things are addictive! They have a sour citrus flavor with a hint of sweetness. They reminded me of the flavor of chewable vitamin C tablets, but with more of the citris flavor. I can't have these around. I ate the whole box in one sitting before I realized it.

Ichigo Milk Candy Sticks
Ichigo Milk Candy Sticks$2.49 - $19.92

Smooth Flavor


I was really surprised by these little candies. They have a smooth almost cream-like texture to the flavor, which I'm really not used to with a hard candy. I liked it a lot!

Esoragoto 3: Link
Esoragoto 3: Link$10.99

Amazing Perspectives


My favorite thing about the art in this art book is the use of perspective. Almost every piece is uniquely posed using various points of perspective. Cute characters aside, I really appreciate the attention to artistic detail. I was also pleased that it had over 30 pages of art.

Lots of Art!


More amazing art in this art book, and it's got a lot of it compared to the other art books I've purchased. Almost 40 pages worth!

Whimsical Art


Glad I added this title to my collection. The art inside is whimsical and fun. My only complaint is that several pages are basically blank with a tiny blurb of text. I get that it was a stylistic approach, but really would have rather had art on those pages instead.

Crankshaft 08
Crankshaft 08$6.99

Short But Great Art


This title was short with only about a dozen pages of art, but the art included was fantastic. A bit expensive for what it is, but I'm glad to add it to my art book collection.

Tiny Figure with a Giant Base


I bought this figure on a whim after watching the series. IT's very small, and prize figure quality. I'm not sure why, but it has a huge free-floating base that looks really strange with the figure. I ended up just displaying it on a shelf without even using the base.

Nice Little Figure


A great companion the the Miku figure from the same series, it has some incredible detail for such a small figure. Still can't figure out why the design went with the weird gear-shaped translucent base, but it doesn't detract from the figure too much.

Quality Figure


Most of my collection are lower end prize figures and scale figures, so this one is one of the nicer figures I have. It's well made, and the sculpt looks pretty amazing. Bought it with a stash of TOM Points I got for a year subscription to the TOM snack box service, and I wasn't disappointed with the purchase.

Amazing Quality Figure


I preordered this one as gift for a friend's birthday. It took forever to get, but when it did come in, she loved it. It's box is display style with a window so you can see the figure, and when I first got it I was blown away at the detail. Especially the painting done on the figure's skin. Just really amazing detail, and all the mechanized parts were complex looking and I think articulated. It's an expensive figure, but the jump in figure quality is certainly noticeable at the higher price. I'd go bankrupt trying to collect at this level, but it sure made my collection of prize and scale figures pale in comparison.

Strange Little Thing


I'll be honest -- I only bought these because they were discounted at 95% off. Never opened the boxes, and ended up giving them as gifts for a friend's kids. Apparently they were a hit. I'm not sure they would ever be worth the retail price, but they certainly are worth the discounted price.

Amazing Bust Figure


I'll say it again, since I've said it on every bust figure I've purchased: I love this concept. It's a great way to get a larger scale display piece without the hefty price tag. It's self-assemble, but really easy to put together. I think it took me about 10-minutes. Of course, the "details" are stickers that you apply yourself rather than detailed painting, but from any normal viewing distance it's not immediately apparent. It's totally worth it's affordable price point.

Nice Figure


For it's smaller size, this figure has some great detail. I have no complaints about the figure. The weird translucent grid-shaped base was a mystery to me, though. Such a strange choice of designs to go with a Miku fan service figure.

Kind of Small


I wasn't a fan of the plaid texture printed in the background of the either, and it was smaller than I was expecting. I'm not sure why the clear acrylic it's printed on wasn't taken advantage of for this figure, but I think it was a miscall. I ended up deciding it was to small to display as a standee, so I turned mine into an ornament for my Christmas tree - since it was holiday themed already it worked great.

Gaming Personified


I have no clue if this figure is from a series, but it's neat that she's a Sega Saturn console personified. The figure looks fantastic. The staves are super delicate, so be careful with them. I snagged this at an unbelievable discount during the TOM holiday sale, but honestly, I wouldn't have been disappointed in the quality if I had paid full price.

It's a Bit Top-heavy :)


I can't help but snicker as I write this review, but seriously... the figure is top-heavy. There is no base other than the tiny "pile of gold" prop piece provided. It's a neat looking, but it's constantly falling over. I ended up having to prop the figure in the corner of my shelf to prevent it from tipping over. At over 9-inches tall, this figure is totally worth the affordable price.

Sword Art Online Asuna
Sword Art Online Asuna$24.00 - $48.00

Nice Pose for Asuna


It's nice to see an Asuna figure with a natural pose. Most focus on dramatic movement or fan service. This piece looks more like the apprehensive adventurer cautiously moving forward into a dungeon.

Worth Getting


Filled with some of the most vividly colored artwork I've ever seen, this art book is totally worth the purchase. It's a larger than a manga (not accounting for page count), but has smaller dimensions than a US comic book.

Re: Adventures
Re: Adventures$10.99

Beautiful Art


Another great art book. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but the beautiful and vivid artwork more than made up for that.

This was a Fun Feature


This was a fun feature that I wish TOM would bring back. If you ever see a raffle ticket available for purchase, it's absolutely worth buying one for a chance at the neat prize(s). I won one of the raffles and it was a fun surprise.

Neat Concept


I dig this Fujiko pose. It's prize figure quality, but still makes a great display piece. It wasn't marketed as such, but I can't believe the designer didn't intend for this to be a pen holder. The chambers in the barrel easily hold any size pen or pencil, and it's angled in such a way that the figure doens't become unbalanced. That had to be by design. That's exactly what I use it for on my desk. It's perfect for it. I feel like there was a missed opportunity by not mentioning that.



I got the Mega Man X figure with the "woosh" effects part. Love the tiny articulated figure, and the effect piece is actually pretty handy for displaying with other figures as well since it's not uniquely Mega Man related.

This Looks 8-Bit Like Link


Fun blast from the past. It's retro 8-bit Link! It's nicely made, but very thin with a flat back. It almost looks like it was intended to be a fridge magnet. I ended up putting mine back in the package for display, but it looks great.

Fun Little Book


This was a fun little book, and I was very impressed that an actual dust cover was included for such a small paperback. Really nice touch!

Great Detail


This figure was a fun addition to my Nintendo retro-gaming collection. The detail on the figure is amazing. It's small, still really stands out.

I Regret This


My only regret with getting the Rem version of this figure is that I didn't get the Ram figure as well before it went out of stock. There's not a lot of detail here, but the figure was affordable and fit well with other Re:Zero figures of the same style.

Miku With a Cap


Is it weird that my favorite part of this figure is the cap Miku is wearing? It's a nicely made figure with a fun pose. The luggage was a bit of a hassle as it tends to fall over at the slightest tap of the base, but still worth the affordable price.

Another Great Asuna Figure


What can I say, I'm a fan of Asuna. I was glad to see that this figure really captures her character. Many of the Asuna lower-priced non-scale figures and prize figure fail to actually look like her. Not the case with this figure. Well worth the price.

Super Happy Figure


Apparently I liked this figure so much I accidentally ordered it twice. Another figure well worth the price point for those who love SAO, but can't afford many of the higher-end figures.

Fun Pose for a Neat Figure


This was the last of the Last Encore set non-scale figures set I purchased. The design doesn't have a ton of detail, but the fun pose makes up for that. Absolutely worth the price-point on the figure if you're a fan.

AKIBA CATCHER Points$11.99 - $335.99

Bane of the Crane Game Aficionado


The Akiba Catcher crane game was a fantastic bonus benefit for TOM Premium members that I really enjoyed before it was modified. The NP points are reasonable priced if you need a few extra plays to snag the teetering prize. There used to be figures, props, keychains, electronics, and tons of other prizes. However, fort the past many months the prizes have been relegated to bottom tier plushies. Not my thing, but might be fun for someone else.

Frills, Frills, and More Frills


A nicely made little figure with incredible detail in the frills and fluid look of the dress. Certainly worth the price, especially to complete the Last Encore set.

Frills For Days


If you like frilly figures, then this figure is certainly right up your alley. Not particularly my style, but I can't complain about the quality of the figure for the price, and I wanted to complete the set.

Nice Figure


This is a nice figure for the price. The detail doesn't seem to be as high as in some of the other Last Encore non-scale figures, but the translucent gown has a nice effect.

Nice Figure With Notable Details


The build of the statue is slightly different than pictured here or on the box, but honestly I enjoy the slight repositioning of the arms better than the prototype pictured. the figure has a surprising amount of detail for the price. I consider it a good buy.

Quick and Fun project


I really like the recent lines of quick-build bust statues. It's nice to have a larger scale representation of characters without the up-scaled price. I hope to see more of this style of figure coming out for more series and characters.

Ninja-kun Plush
Ninja-kun Plush$19.99

Bigger Than I Expected


I enjoy collecting mascots for companies I support. This plush was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, and is a fun addition to my mascot display. And, it's Ninja-kun, so how can you go wrong?

Nice Set of Clear Files


I'm a fan of collecting clear files, and the designs on these are fun. Great value for this super affordable set.

Fun Little Standee


The print on this standee is quality, and the cut is clean and flawless. It's a nice alternative for Kizuna AI fans who want an an option to display their favorite Virtual YouTuber that's more affordable than more expensive figures.

Another Great Dragon Quest XI Figure


The second from the Bring Arts series of DQXI figures that I've purchased (two others are on pre-order), I'm very pleased with the quality. Erik is going to make a great addition to my Dragon Quest collection. Also, this was another figure that was out of stock, but thanks to the TOM restock e-mail notifications, I was still able to get it! Thanks!

A fantastic item for collectors of Dragon Quest memorabilia!


I was disappointed that I missed out on this figure at first, but then a single unit became available and I was able to snag it! The "Notify Me When Restocked" feature really works well for this. Don't hesitate to click the button on out of stock items - you never know when even a single unit might appear in inventory, and an e-mail notice of restock will give you an opportunity to jump on the website and get it!

As for the figure, it's fantastic quality, and the box is well designed and does great to display the figure itself. It's a great addition to my DQXI collection, and I look forward to adding all the additional figures currently on pre-order to my c...
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MANGA.CLUB Coins$2.00 - $100.00

Really Enjoying Manga.club


Just wanted to stop in and say I really enjoy the addition of Manga.club tickets as a TOM Premium benefit. Great new perk!

Bake: White Cookies
Bake: White Cookies$2.49 - $19.92



These little bite-size cookies are amazingly delicious. Thanks to my Skoshbox subscription, I’ve come to recognize BAKE as a brand that never misses the mark. I had never tried this particular flavor before, so when TOM sent me a discount coupon for being a snack box subscriber, I knew exactly what to look for. They didn’t disappoint!

Pocky Trinity Orange Peel
Pocky Trinity Orange Peel$3.99 - $31.92

Not alot of citrus flavor.


These tasted pretty good. However, the citrus flavor is faint and subtle, which I found kind of disappointing. However, overall, still another delicious flavor of Pocky.

Pocky Midi Strawberry Cheesecake
Pocky Midi Strawberry Cheesecake$2.99 - $23.92

Strawberry Pocky on Steroids.


I didn't really taste any cheesecake in the flavor. Tasted just like the regular strawberry Pocky to me, but with much more cream on the outside of the cookie. In all, pretty amazing. If you like the regular strawberry Pocky, then get this because it's amazing.

Almond Peak Crisp Peak
Almond Peak Crisp Peak$2.99 - $23.92

Nothing really special.


Don't get me wrong. These taste pretty good, but there was nothing really special about them. Almonds covered in chocolate -- buy any chocolate covered almond candy out there, and you've tasted these.

Pretz Hakko Butter Flavor
Pretz Hakko Butter Flavor$1.99 - $15.92

Mmm... butter.


It's basically pretzel Pocky with a buttery coating on the outside. Tastes pretty good. Has a hint of sweetness to the buttery flavor. Not salty at all. The flavor kind of reminded me of movie theater popcorn.

Bisco$1.99 - $15.92

Taste like a fortune cookie.


These little bite-sized cream-stuffed cookies essentially taste just like fortune cookies (airy lemon flavor). They're a bit softer, and have a thin layer of cream between the top and bottom.

Cream Collon Milk Flavor Big Box
Cream Collon Milk Flavor Big Box$3.49 - $27.92

Very tasty snack.


These are delicious. They essentially taste like vanilla sugar wafers, but with a lot more cream and less wafer. I absolutely plan on buying these again to snack on.

Pocky Squeeze Grape
Pocky Squeeze Grape$3.49 - $27.92

If you like grape, these are awesome.


I was really surprised how much "grape" flavor there was with each bite. I'm typically not a huge fan of grape, but apparently it's a good combination with Pocky as I ate a whole packet before realizing it.

These are a fun idea.


These are a fun idea, I hope to see more raffles in the future.

Nice figure!


Typical Pop! quality with a fun retro-gaming theme.

Nice Figure!


Typical Pop! quality with a fun retro-gaming theme.

Very nice!


This is a surprisingly great figure for the price. Very detailed, great paint.

Bontan Ame
Bontan Ame$1.99 - $15.92

Could Not Get Open Much Less Eat


First, let me say that I did manage to ravage one of these blocks and get a teeny-tiny bit to taste… and it tasted delicious. However, it’s like a wad of rubber cement in texture. It is *impossible* to get the plastic wrapping off of the individual wrapped candies (it literally picks apart in microscopic flakes that you can never be fully removed from the candy). I don’t know if maybe I got a bad box or something, but I ended up throwing these away. The problem could have been solved if they manufacturer had lightly powdered the candies before wrapping.

Edit: And... now I feel kind of stupid. Reading other reviews, apparently the packaging can be eaten... which ma...
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Kakugiri Pineapple Gummies
Kakugiri Pineapple Gummies$2.99 - $23.92

Not Convinced It’s Not Just Dried Pineapple


These are delicious. They are also exactly the same in texture, scent, and flavor as soft dried pineapple. They’re very tasty, but not at all what I would call a gummy.

Pom Juice Gummies
Pom Juice Gummies$1.99 - $15.92

A Flavorful Gummy Candy


Of all the different “gummy” snacks I tried from TOM, these were most like what I think of as traditional gummies. Think really flavorful orange gummies. Nothing special, but still delicious.

Puru Mochi Grape Flavor
Puru Mochi Grape Flavor$2.99 - $23.92

I don't like grape flavored candy. I love these.


In the USA, “grape flavor” is anything but grape-flavored. The sickeningly sweet purple flavor we call grape is one of my least favorite. However, these Puru Mochi are amazing. These taste like actual natural grapes. I would love to grab another bag of these to munch on.

Yasashii Mango
Yasashii Mango$2.49 - $19.92

Tastes Like Mango


Literally. I’m not quite sure how they pulled it off, but eating a one of these gummies was pretty much like taking a bite of fresh mango. I’m not sure I would call them gummy -- they have a soft, slightly chewy consistency that I wouldn’t normally associate with a gummy candy.

Pom Sparkling Gummies
Pom Sparkling Gummies$1.59 - $12.72

Tangy & Sweet


These soft gummies are sweet with a tangy power/crystal coating. With the combination of both flavors, they surprisingly tasted very much like actual oranges.

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