Stands the Test of Time!


This re-run of a classic scale figure really holds up! Those gears may look flimsy, but after assembly prove quite sturdy, and Kurisu herself is just lovely. I love the faithful recreation of huke's signaturing textured coloring on her parka, and still think this is one of the best scales made of the hentai tensai shoujo!

An intoxicating figure!


After a few delays, she's here! And gorgeous, I have zero regrets bringing more this lovely crazy girl, especially not at the amazing price I got her at~

A Good Boy!


Ewan is an adorable addition to the cu-poche line, his boyish charm is sure to fit in with the rest of your super deformed non-scale figures!

Yet Another Adorable Miku Prize Figure from Taito!


Prize figures have gotten so much better in the last few years, and Taito especially has been hitting it out of the park with their Miku figures! She's darling, with detail that rivals a few scale releases I have seen recently. Packaged securely in her full print cardboard box, after some easy assembly (instructions included) she's ready to dance on your desk! Her pigtails in particular are very secure once attached, I'm impressed!

Feels like a cozy Kae-Day!


I actually had a nightmare before I got this figure that she arrived and I was unhappy with her...luckily it was just a bad dream! She's just as cute as I hoped, and even though she doesn't have a traditional stand, she fits snugly on her ottoman and looks ever so comfy on my shelf!

Va Va Va Vroom!


I've been fond of lingerie brand Peach John's design for many years, and the Yummy Mart sub line is a gorgeous and affordable away to bring a little spice and style to your underwear drawer! The race queen inspired design is well executed, from the racing checks to the added accessories it comes with. The collar, visor, and flag will make you feel like you are cruising down the fast lane with the top down!
As for fit, American's and other international buyers might be a little worried as to how the sizing compares. For reference, on a bad day, I'm 5'4" and 150lbs, but even then if I put this set on (size D75) I feel like I've dropped twenty pounds, gain...
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A Cute and Seasonal Rubber Strap!


I love the blue rubber base of this strap, really aids in adding the "snow" feeling to an already wintery design! But don't worry about being left out in the cold, this Miku is sure to add warm hearted charm to any keys, phone, or bag!

A Crisp Autumn Cutie!


I wasn't expecting to enjoy this figure so much, but she's so cute!
I purchased her to go with the rest of the Miku Seasons collection, and while her promotional images didn't tickle my fancy, she looked fantastic on the actual box art, and I was pleasantly surprised taking her out. She's packaged much more akin to scale than a prize figured, and while they may have tried to put too much detail to keep up with the inexpensive price point resulting in some flaws, I still enjoy her presence on my shelf!

AKIBA CATCHER Points$11.99 - $335.99

A money sink...but a joyful one!


Let's face it. UFO Catchers and crane games are a money sink. But really, what in life isn't? For the most part, the ten bucks I spent on anticipation were well spent. Akiba Catcher and TOM have already partnered to give free plays to members, and the prize selection gets better every day (for me, it was a Nesoberi Serval that finally made me loosen my pocket strings).
I didn't win, but all things considered? Not the worst purchase ever. I could have been doing meth, right? (´・ω・`)

No Kaede Nendo? No problem!


Let's face it, we may never get any more Cinderella Girls nendos...but with this release from cu-poche, you don't have to be left lamenting "Koi Kaze WHEN??"
With her super articulated joints, three face plates, and drinky time acessories, she'll definitely fill the longing any Kaede P could have for a petit figure of their favorite twenty five year old punster!

Super Cute Non Scale!


For a prize figure, she's darling! Heck, even judging her against some scales she holds her own, with the cute nautical outfit and translucency details of her twintails! The stand out of the Miku + Seasons collection, she'll go nicely on a shelf with or without her sisters. And at such a inexpensive price, I'd recommend you get two in order to display her with or without her one piece sailor dress...the trick is to very carefully slice it off for a refreshing swimsuit look~

A great token for any vocaloid fan!


I love the cute pinched motif of Tsumamare rubber straps! When I saw the Miku version was on sale, I couldn't resist, and it's certainly a much needed addition to my vocaloid merchandise.

Great price for unique socks!


I nabbed these during a really good sale. Erimaki Sox usually got for 30USD and up, even on the price wasn't as good as the price I bought these at from TOM!
The cuffed socks are a great way to cheat at the look of cuffed boots in situations where you only have a pair of pumps!



I received the Ranko strap a few years ago as a gift, luckily as she has been out of stock for a while ago. But Uzuki is also such a good girl who always does her best, so I couldn't resist adding her to my collection of key ring cuties! Shipping on single straps isn't great, but they are the perfect little extra to add to a shipment if you want to use a certain coupon or discount. But if it's your best girl, it'll be worth it whether or not it's a solo shipment!

Fantastic deal on a prize figure!


I say I'm not a huge fan of prize figures, but in recent years the quality has really gone up overall. Uzuki is no exception, and when I can pick up a prize figure of a good girl inexpensively, I'm can't stop myself! TOM had an amazing deal when I put in the order, she was only about 10USD plus maybe 5USD domestic shipping and handling. More amazing still, was she was worth her weight in TOM points! After the nearly 10USD worth of points back, I only paid about five dollars for such a cutie, a better deal that I could find anywhere in the states, and a price to rival what I would have paid even if I had been in Japan. Thanks TOM Team!!

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