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Not like the anime


If you're wondering if this figma aqua stays true to the anime, then youre wrong! This figure is much less useless and can maintain a positive image on your shelf. Just keep her away from your pet toads~

Like father, like son


Mordred looks astonishing in full armor, and with the ability to head swap you can make all your figma gals glorious eiyuus!

I know how he got those scars!


The joker is a very awsome character and what this nendoroid does is capture his awesomeness at a very adorable and evil scale! Could this be his final form? Who knows! This one is great!

Artists will love aswell as relate to what is show in this amazing book!


When I first opened the book is realized this was going to be a journey through the development of a character and a very cute one too! Looking at every illustration and every changet it has through time as anime characters change aswell is simply or maybe the most exciting thing to witness first hand and to top it off the post card you get definitely deserves to stay unposted~

Disgaea fans and etna fans simply need this.


Spotting this Keychain along with the may other Disgaea products in this store made me want to express my love for the game even more, and having this cute little strap of her devil etna herself is a great addition to my collection so I can't express how satisfied I am with this!

Ship girls, weapons and a fan's must have~~


If you are a fan of Kantai collection, then these are the folder you are meant to have no matter what your favorite ship is, and with the anime already out then you may spot them there sailing to victory~

You must have it to love it!


I have always been a fan of clear file folders since my first order in TOM, this is yet another awsome glossy, nomadic and fluffy folder that almost makes you want to experience life in the fields~

My Form
My Form$7.99

It may be flat but not bad!


This book can be almost flat along with its female illustrations but hey! Don't underestimate the gorgeous art found with in each page because I assure you that it will make you say "this is CUTE"!

Yuri fans will probably tear up with this one!


I may not speak japanese or even read it, but I guarantee you that this book along with its vibrant pages here and there will tell you a wonderful story of friendship and love even without knowing japanese (^_^)

Two surprisingly excellent made illustration books


Don't judge by their entire size and all, these books contain illustrations that will take away that lackluster sight with amusement and a smile everytime you flip each page with it the book!

Definitely a personal favorite and most importantly a beautiful figure.


When I first unboxed the figure it thought to myself "man this is a must have figure for all oreimo fans out there" kuroneko or by what she is called here, kamineko, is a wonderfully sculpted,painted, and will definitely keep you from looking away from her glossy eyes. I'm definitely keeping her on a shelf where she can be seen by everyone and so should you if there is a chance to buy one OR two!

FAST, Otaku, convenient, and did i mention otaku?


TOM is always great with their shippings and dont forget the boxes!! Aside from that this kuroneko figure is definately on my top 3 ~



Me and my friend were surprised by how great this mantle looked and was described by the page.

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