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Very Cute


Not much to say, it's a plush and it's well made, a good size and very cute! :D

The pictures don't justify how she really looks in person


It's really glossy and slippery when I first opened it out of the box, I was very careful not to let it slip out of my hands.

Very vibrant if lights are shined at her glossy outfit. One sexy figure!

First LED-lit base figure


I love the idea of a LED lit base for a figure. Fits her character very well.

The material got quite some weight to it, makes it feel sturdy and high quality.

Best Figure I own, hands down.


This figurine came with the biggest figurine box I've ever had. The bike looked even more amazing in person than the pictures. Masterpiece, worth every cent of my money.

It said 1/8th scale, but the bike was surprisingly huge. Yes, the main selling point is the bike, not Makoto.

It's nice but


I like it, but I feel like they could of done a better pose instead. That impactful pose, you know what I mean?

Rem is best girl


Sexy! <3 I'm in love.

Her moe aura is overloading


She's already so adorable, but it came with a soft cushion for her to kneel on, I'm so pleased. <3

First figure I ever bought haha


She's beautiful, very easy to set up!
Just be careful of her wings, I accidentally snapped it and had to superglue it back in the center where the hole is.

Nice decorative


Overall, it's nice to have as a decorative item on the side, but note that the speakers aren't loud.
An iphone max volume is louder than this. However it does give that unique enclosed box feel in the sound.



It's really cute to have on the side, but I wish it could of held more coins inside.



Really fragile parts are the blue/green frames, I had to super glue one of the part when it snapped.
Be really careful with this.

Really Cool


1. The figurine packs some weight to it, feels really high quality.
2. You can obviously switch the swords' direction of being held.
3. Glasses can be worn, or taken off. (Comes with extras, in case it breaks).
4. Having this next to Ludger, just makes them the best combo!
5. He's just sexy.

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