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Cu-poche Frame Arms Girl Gourai
Cu-poche Frame Arms Girl Gourai$54.99
$5.49 cash back

So cute


She's so cute. I like both face expressions.Small parts are well designed.I want to expand my figure with extra mecha and armory parts that's selling differently.Magnetic feet is so useful.Most of poses don't need support. I love her so much.Highly recommended.

Nendoroid Nya-tan | Etotama
Nendoroid Nya-tan | Etotama$42.99
$4.29 cash back

Totally Satisfied


It's so cute. Well painted with bright colors. Thanks to Otaku Mode for fast shipping.

Laura Bodewig Figure
Laura Bodewig Figure$73.99
$7.39 cash back

Loved it so much


It's my first figure and I'm so much happy with it. It's beautiful, cute and high quality made. Loved it so much ^.^

Myu the Cat Smartphone Pouch
Myu the Cat Smartphone Pouch$14.99
Up to $1.49 cash back

It's so cute


I bought the gray cat. It's so cute. Loved it so much... Although it's christmas time, it delivered so fast.

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