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AKIBA CATCHER Points$11.99 - $335.99

Fun option, poorly executed


I have had nothing but issues with the crane games. It's always slow and sluggish. You let off the controls and it takes time to stop. One in particular I tried a few times and the crane was not even going down properly. I sent them a message and they said it should be fixed. Still did not work. I was refunded for the one time, but I had already tried it multiple times. Rather frustrating. I thought at that point they would have sent the item. Wish I didn't purchase the extra points.

Disappointing design


I have to say I really like the idea, as this does help relax and calm me at night. For anxiety and such it is really helpful. Sadly it is really poorly designed. The zipper broke shortly after I got it. Things have been busy so I forgot to send an e-mail and figured it was way past the point of return. I would have a hard time suggest as such, the zipper is very cheap plastic and I don't see them lasting sadly. The rest is very well made...

If you are a fan of the series....


.... then you really need to get this! Lovely art work of the main character of the show The Anthem of the Heart. (which if you have not seen it you really need to go see it. Now. Why are you still here?) Got this as a gift for my sister and she loves it. Very well done. Thank you :)

Awesome bags


Great designs, and well made. Love having a bag that folds up really small yet seems sturdy and well made. Great eco bags!

Very cool case


Very well made case. Love the bread design. Does everything a typical class case should do but with a cool style. :)

Love it


Very happy with the sticker. Love the series and the sticker is fun. Thanks TOM :)

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