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perfect size for nendoroid doll, nendoroid swaccho, etc.


Fits nendoroid dolls, nendoroid swacchos, and of course, regular nendoroids. Doesn't bow from the weight of a nendoroid.

Very cute and well detailed miku


This is definitely one of the better noodle stopper miku figures. I love the minimum painting errors.

well packaged and well sculpted miku


Very happy how this miku looks, thank you

Q Posket Hatsune Miku V4X Style
Q Posket Hatsune Miku V4X Style$21.00$18.90 - $21.00(Up to 10% OFF)

Big chibi miku


Her head can twist which allows for more pose options. An excellent affordable chibi miku figure

BOOK☆WALKER Coins$28.99 - $95.99

Great for point back sales


The coupon code worked, be sure to use it when Bookwalker has a point back promotion in order to really maximize your savings.

Good quality figure


This miku sitting figure it built very solid and is able to maintain its sitting pose. Paintwork is a little sloppy near the shoulders and chest area on the clothing. Overall, its a cute unique miku prize figure.

Adorable Len Doll


The nendoroid doll itself is a bit more fragile than typical nendoroids; you need the magnetic base to help the pose of the doll. The clothing is well made and very detailed. It is hard to pose without the magnetic base, but overall I would recommend this to any Len fan.

Beautiful Kaito Figure


This is the only scale figure of Kaito in his official vocaloid outfit. The scarf maintains transparency while still looking thick.
Stylistically, this could have been translated better to 3D. However, I think there were limitations due to the original 2D image.

Adorable miku figure


This prize figure is detailed and built solid. The hair gradient is perfect, and the paint seams aren't noticeable. Considering the uniqueness of this design, I recommend for any miku fan!

very cute len


The Kagamines very rarely get figures, so for budget conscious fans this is an immediate buy!

affordable and cute


Good quality figure, paint lines were followed. The head can move a little but it will stay in the position you set it to.

Adorable miku nendo as always


Good quality miku nendoroid. Parts were easy to swap out.

Good quality wig


Even distribution of hair and it feels like good quality.

Good for cosplay but not for everyday use


These are gorgeous glasses and could arguable be a collector's item for meiko fans. However, the glasses frames themselves feel cheap. I would not recommend them for everyday usage.

Cute but thin materal


Very adorable socks however watch out as these are one size only, if you have bigger legs these may stretch out ad look thinner in material

great mask not medical grade though


Adorable print quality for this mask. As it's shipped folded, you will need to wear a few times to get it to break for your face shape.

Cute shirt


Good quality shirt and vivid print pattern. Wish it was available in more sizes

Adorable keychains


Good thick rubber keychains. I wish the details were a bit more pronounced but it's rare for rubber keychains to be made these days (most companies go for acrylic).

Cute Miku stand


I love tomboy miku! The base is thick and the stand stays upright easily.

DLsite Points
DLsite Points$20.99 - $84.99

Immediate code sent to Order History


I immediately was able to redeem my code after completing the purchase. I was able to also use a TOM coupon for extra savings.

Cute miku figure and well packaged


This figure was well packaged for shipping. The sculpt and pearl paint color for the wedding dress is flawless. A wonderful wedding figure by FREEing (who usually tends to be hit or miss with scale figures smaller than 1/4)

a cute yet terrifying nendoroid


Quality of this nendoroid is excellent as per GSC standards. The personality of APH russia is strong with the faceplates.

cute miku can badge


good print quality and plastic coating is sufficient to protect for itabag display

Interesting design


Good quality backpack where you can adjust the pouch by the plastic straps in the front, allowing you to have two choices; backpack or backpack with front pouch. I appreciate the customization option by TOM for this product.

Amazing sculpt and colors


A gorgeous miku nendoroid where no detail is spared despite the small size.

blind bag badge


I got kaito, and the artwork is nice. Because it is random, if you want a certain character you might have to buy multiples just in case.

Adorable can badge


This is a blind bag so it was randomized, I received a Kaito bunny badge. Cute!

Great resource for chibi artists


The DVD with poses is especially helpful for direct tracing and referencing. The book is minimal on words and is primarily helpful for visual learners. I recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their chibis or stylized art.

adorable acrylic stand


The len bunny is just too cute, and it is a unique design considering the vocaloid merch made with these characters.

adorable keychain!


I especially like this keychain since it does not have a year printed on it, making it perfect to use every year.

Great color


I bought the teal bar tape for a miku fan and the color matches miku hair. I appreciate how GSR matched this tape color to miku's hair.

Excellent for Miku Collectors


Miku Vinyl releases are relatively rare, I recommend picking this up while it is still in stock! I appreciate that the SONOCA card is available for those who do not have a record player.

Cute miku!


Love the print and color quality. Great item to have on display.

Affordable Rella Collectible


Rella's miku merchandise often comes at a premium price so I was grateful that a lower priced option was available to show my support for Rella and of course Miku. A must have for any miku fans.

Acrylic stand


Despite what the title says, this is an acrylic stand meant for display. Colors are gorgeous and set up is easy for display.

Good Meiko Figure


4 stars since while I am satisfied with the sculpt and paint job, the prototype clearly shows translucent parts and my scale figure had the parts as an opaque black. A bit disappointing considering the price and exclusivity release of this figure. However, I am unsure if Meiko will ever get another scale in her default outfit. Therefore, if you are a Meiko fan, it is worth getting this figure, even if the final product is more simple.

Great Vocaloid Nendoroid


It is extremely rare for any Vocaloid that is not Miku to get a nendoroid.
It is unheard of for a chinese Vocaloid to get any figures at all.
If you are a Vocaloid fan, I highly recommend getting this figure. It has all the modern nendoroid capabilities; easy to assemble, easy to put in the base, easy to pose.
For those who do not know, Luo Tianyi is a chinese Vocaloid. You can find songs featuring her here: https://vocadb.net/Ar/1778
Most of the songs, fanart, content works featuring her are usually uploaded to chinese social media (ex. BilliBilli), that is why I was extremely happy to see TOM selling this nendoroid of her to overseas fans. I can only hope that more Vocaloi...
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Great Miku Prize Figure


Unlike the original Miku noodle stopper, this release includes a bonus blue base as shown in the pictures. Overall I am highly satisfied with the figure, paint color, and sculpt. The hair isn't perfectly flat on the base but considering that this is a prize figure, it is expected that there is small flaws.

Cute colorful Miku


The box for this figure was bulkier than expected, turns out it came with a tall yellow cylindrical base as shown in the product listing.
The paint job is great on this prize figure and after many delays, I am finally happy to have it home with me.



This nendoroid is durable for being 5+ years old and it is loaded with accessories and faceplates.
I love the tako luka the best and I only wish GSC would make a Luka 2.0

Best Teto Nendo ever


This is so adorable and her twintails are detailed and well sculpted.
I wish she came with more accessories, but this is still a great release.

Durable for certain poses


The uniqueness and price of this makes this a no-brainer buy for anyone who does nendoroid photography.

best gift


This is a great gift for any cat lover and it pretty much works with all phones.
A slight warning, since it's an accessory, the phone will not recognize it as an actual headphone jack so if the sound is on, it will play through phone speakers.

For the smallest nendo product possible


So there's nendoroid, nendoroid petit, and then there's this!
These little cuties are the smallest GSC product you can get from the nendoroid lineup.

Their magnet butt base is string and durable and in theory, could be used as mini magnets.

Worth it imo

Great cheap gift


Bought a few for gifts and they looked amazing on lanyards.
Durable and colors have not faded over use.

Cute Miku, but she has problems too


This is the first figma to utilize the figma 2.0 joints and it shows that this figma can be finicky at times.
Because of the weight of Miku's twintails, she can appear to be slouching, her internal skeleton isn't as strong as newer figma models.

figma KAITO
figma KAITO$41.99

Great figma, hard to swap out scarf


Love kaito and this figma is great to pose, the only issue is that his scarf is very hard to switch out since you have to remove the neck / head joint. If you're not careful or you apply too much force while trying to get his head off, it is very possible to break his neck.

Hetalia Greetings!
Hetalia Greetings!$16.99

Amazing for edits!


This pictures are amazing to either use as emotes if you edit them, or simply for your own memes/edits.
I wish more companies would offer something like this!

Kei’s Gallery
Kei’s Gallery$25.99

Small but still good


This artbook is a bit smaller than a typical A4 or gibber artbook, it has most of KEI's older artworks, aka the more watercolor stylized art. This includes mostly Miku art from 2007-2010. I strongly recommend this book as an appendage to find KEI artworks and Miku Life, both books are sold on TOM iirc.

find KEI Artworks
find KEI Artworks$24.99

Love KEI


This artbook has everything KEI has drawn; promo art for Miku, doujin covers, etc.
There is a good chunk of just Miku but there is also a fair bit of Touhou and some of KEI's original characters.
I think it's worth it.

wonderful artbook


This artbook is based on Himaruya's older Hetalia artstyle, I prefer that a bit more than World Stars Era.
All the artwork is full color and it is all Hetalia themed.

Cute and durable


The colors haven't faded and the rubber makes it very durable.



I love this nendoroid and he's easy to swap out parts with!
This is a color variant, I hope they make an America with his original brown jacket.

Beyond adorable stickers


These stickers were so cute I had to get multiple! Worth every penny!

Amazing details and gradients


This nendoroid is still one of the best male nendoroids made, simply due to how well executed the nendo was from the complicated design and how the faceplates are adorable and yet ikemen.

I don't even play the game, I bought it on sheer looks alone and I have no regret.

Cute prize


Thank you TOM for hosting this giveaway, I hope for more like these in the future.



I would love to buy more blind boxes like this in the future. I got lucky and got my first choice which was Hello Kitty in a cactus costume.

Perfect size and print


I wished there were more official Kaito tapestries, this one sets the bar for sure.

Extremely detailed. no paint bleeds


I loved this release because all the figures were well sculpted, but I am especially happy as my order was initially missing part of the wings pre-order bonus. Upon confirmation of the missing part, TOM immediately sent me a replacement box and a set of wings, going above and beyond and demonstrating excellent customer service. Thank you!

Adorable miku


This was a cute miku, sadly it seems GSC discontinued the Co-de line, so pre-posed nendos like this aren't a thing anymore.

Good promo


I won a clip from this promotion, why not?
Wish it was more anime themed prizes but can't complain too much from the price alone.

Loved it


This was a wonderful artbook since it shows the style transition over the years for Hidekaz Himaruya.

good gift for any OPM fan


Bought this for a friend, their favorite part was the character profiles and stickers.
Hopefully an english version of this book will come out soon!

Great CD, great bonuses


I love the GHOST T-shirt and the pizza box packaging of this release. This along with the CD made it an amazing Vocaloid producer purchase, I hope TOM can carry more limited edition releases like this.

Bought bc I love cats


Exactly what the title states. Never played the game, I just want more cute cat clips and straps.

Adorable strap


I don't play Neko Atsume I literally only bought this bc it looks like my cat and it's adorable.

Cool File


I love all of KEI's artworks as a Miku fan so I bought this and was not disappointed. Good for display or for using as an actual file folder.

Gave a as a gift, loved by giftee


My giftee loved this pouch, they were concerned about the delicacy so they are only using it for display. Vibrant colors on the fabric and a whimsical design made this a no-brainer gift.

Perfect group folders


I love the designs on these folders, and they are able to fit about 10 pages of A4 size paper no problem.
I hope for more clear files!

Cute, wish there was more


I feel that this is a bit overprices considering what you get, however, I can't argue that the mini speech whiteboards are beyond adorable. Fair warning, they don't clean easily so make sure to erase anything immediately when done to prevent ink buildup/staining.

Funny faces, watch out for older nendos!


These faces are fantastic for photoshoots but if you have older nendoroids before Nendo 300, you might need the neck / socket joint since these faces don't come with those. Other than, once you have that, they're ready for any nendo.

Accurate Chibi Kakyoin


Well built and detailed, this is a great nendoroid. Easy to swap out parts unlike older nendoroids. I hope more JoJo nendos are made and/or stand nendos as well.

Cute Miku!


Bought it because I love Miku, I simply have it on display in the original packaging since the colors pop a bit more to me.

New Nintendo 3DS XL
New Nintendo 3DS XL$199.99

Works perfectly, was able to get FlipNote Studio in time


Plays project mirai, was shipped safely, and it still works several years later.
I hope TOM can continue to sell gaming systems.

Wonderful shirt


This shirt has lasted me several years and the design has never peeled/crumbled on me.
Love Luka!

Miku Moji Towel
Miku Moji Towel$21.99 - $50.99

Vibrant print


This is perfect for display and I like that all the emojis are on the print.
Excellent product!

Absolutely cute, too bad it's a blind bag


I bought 6 straps and only got one repeat. The rubber strap is thick and the design is perfect. These straps are about an inch big but luckily they can attach anywhere. I just wish a set of 10 with all included designs were available to purchase in addition to blind bag sales.

Cute socks!


The design is sewn on the socks so there is no fear of a print transfer crumbling. The color is vibrant and looks to be of good quality.

Good shirt, wished the design was printed on


I love the shirt but I wish the MikuMojis were actually printed on the shirt instead of being the rubber texture you get with cheaper shirts. Because of that, to avoid the design crumbling in the future, I recommend washing on gentle cycle to preserve the sleeve design.

Great lightstick


Idk if these pen lights would be allowed at future MikuExpo concerts but the light they emit is strong and the acrylic is of good quality. It's the same price as a regular glowstick sold for MikuExpo so to me, it's worth its price.

Simply the best


This book is nothing but Vocaloid artwork that KEI has created from 2007 onwards. There's a few non-vocaloid drawings but they are greatly outnumbered by Miku artwork. A must have for all Vocaloid fans!

Cute design and long lasting


I've had this shirt for a long time and the print still looks as good as the day I got it (which is amazing considering that you can feel the print and it's not directly screenprinted on the shirt).

I hope TOM will continue to sell WLF T-shirts

Great idea, poor execution


I really wanted to love this, it's a great way to add a background to your figures.
Unfortunately, the only instructions for this item are on the back of the box and are not available in English.
The pictures and text were not enough for me so I was unable to put this together properly.
I hope that this series will start having better, more detailed instructions because as is, it's not assembled due to not knowing what to do/how to put the corner part in.

Cool pattern


The tape is very detailed despite it's small size. I believe it's washi tape?



I believe this is the first official vocaloid washi tape, super happy bc I usually only find these things at Artist Alley. Thank you TOM for carrying unique vocaloid merch.

Cool shirt


The print was vibrant and I liked the design but the shirt was a thick cotton type shirt.
It's a small nitpick but it's important just in case anyone prefers thinner shirts.

Cute design and wonderful fabric


This shirt is so comfortable to wear.
Beware that you need to hang dry, do not put this in the dryer.
The design has yet to fade.

Stunning, but be careful with base


The figure itself is sculpted and painted well, had no issues assembling this together.
However, the base holding the speakerphone & miku is a bit loose. In the box, the bottom part of the base is mostly put together. However, I strongly recommend to make sure the base is fit tightly and snug before you start assembling the rest of the base, this will help to prevent any lean from weight.

excellent prize figure


The paint errors are minimal and overall Genos looks great!
His hair gradient could have been done slightly better, but considering the price and it's a prize figure, this is beyond excellent.

Cutest MM Miku nendo ever


This is it. The cutest magical mirai miku nendoroid ever.

She has the perfect amount of accessories and face plates.

The perfect itabag!


I am in love with this bag and I hope TOM is able to restock this soon!

No more accidental finger pricking with can badges, you can fit any can badge 2 inches or smaller in the included plastic pockets.

Wonderful songs


Thanks to the SONOCA download card, I was able to enjoy the music for this release. I also like how the download card can be displayed on its own as it's a nice sturdy plastic.

I use the cassette tape for display purposes only

The Miku on this shirt is slightly bigger


I like both Mikux Cassette store day T-shirts, however I will say upon further inspection, this shirt has a bigger Miku print compared to the shirt with the background art included.

It's a small difference, but if you're looking at size, get this shirt as the miku print here is bigger since it doesn't include the taxi background art.

Exactly as shown in promo pic, different color variants


For this lucky bag, there's no real surprise except for a few pieces being different colors not shown. (For example, I got the makeup pouch in olive green rather than gray in this picture).

Smooth tapestry with gorgeous Miku


The fabric quality is smooth and it's perfectly cut with the poles. There's no fading, ripping, or snags in the fabric.
An affordable and bigger alternative to the 10th anniversary canvas print.

Perfect keychain for a miku itabag


The size of this keychain is just right, you only need a few to fill up a small itabag.
I also appreciate that this keychain is of the full body artwork.

Solid mug


I've only used the cup for display purposes so I cannot comment if it would fade away with dishwasher usage, however, the print is of decent quality. The picture is a bit awkward on the mug.

Stationary set for 10th anniversary


The clear file is good quality and the stickers are business size.

Big badges of the king & queen


I love these badges since they are so big, I only wish there was solo badges of the Kagamines.

Good quality print, towel material feels rough


The towel print is vibrant but I don't like how the muffler towel feels slightly rough. It's not smooth like other towels.
I have only used the towel as a decoration so perhaps it's possible that the towel could soften up if it was put in the washer on hand wash mode.

Best Snow Miku Skytown Pen


This pen has an adorable Snow Miku chibi made of plastic on top. When you write with the pen, the chibi swings around and around so you might need to be careful if you write/scribble quickly.

Cool design


The shirt is just an average white T-shirt but the piano miku print is directly screenprinted on, no worries about the design flaking or peeling.

Adorable stationary


The stationary shown here is small enough to fit in a regular card sized envelope.
For me though, this stationary is too cute to use.

Very cute and smooth ink


This is an adorable Snow Miku pen that writes smoothly and cleanly.
The charm on top is made of metal.

Great value for JoJo fans


This book has keyframes for parts 1-3 printed on paper.
The "surprise" at the end is an announcement for the part 4 anime which at the time of this review, is not the newest JoJo season.

Best chibi keychains!


Sadly, the art on these keychains are only single sided, but regardless, the twist on these classic fairytales plus vocaloid characters makes this worth it.

Colorful and durable


I have worn this shirt many times and wash it inside out with other clothes.

This shirt still looks in new condition.

The chibi artwork is adorable and the print has not flaked or faded. The fit is very slender.

Cool design


sizing is based on adult's men sizing so this shirt was a bit bigger than I anticipated. However, the design is still very cool.

Snow Miku Tote Bag
Snow Miku Tote Bag$33.99

Cute portable bag


This bag is made up of the same materials as most reusable grocery totes that can collapse and roll up.

Very durable and would highly recomend.

i thought this would be a decent itabag base


This is a fabric pouch that is does not have a plastic structure within it. Thus, it's just like your average fabric mesh bag. Judging by the pics alone, I thought this would be able to stay upright by itself but this is not the case.

Best backpack


Whoever designed this bag was a genius.

There's a lot of back padding and shoulder straps are decently padded as well.

There's a pocket inside that can fit A4 folders and there's a velcro pocket just on the back so you could easily store something on your back that you don't want others to see/you want to protect.

A fair warning, I have used this backpack multiple times and I have gotten dirt from seats. You can safely throw this in the washer on a gentle cycle by itself and then air dry. This got rid of 90% of the dirt scuffs.

Vocaloid Acrylic Keychain Charm Collection: MaMi Ver.
Vocaloid Acrylic Keychain Charm Collection: MaMi Ver.$5.99$5.09 - $5.99(Up to 15% OFF)

A creative yet cute miku


This was a gift I bought for an artist friend who also liked miku. She loved it!

Best choro strap!


He looks genuinely moe and the charm is quite big.

Solid choice for any Choro fan

Cute, wished plastic worked with phone


The main reason I bought this purse was so I could use my phone in the plastic shell. Touch functions work decently but it requires more pressure than I initially anticipated.

Best phone stand/nendo couch ever


This couch is perfectly sized for a nendoroid to be sitting down on.

This also works well for its original intended purpose as a phone stand.

BIGHEAD did it again as always


BIGHEAD is amazing with English Miku and this album is no exception. There's two CDs with the same content so you can easily give the extra CD to a friend or keep it in your car as a backup copy.

Excellent art reference


The DVD from this book is beyond valuable as you can load up the .jpg pics into any art software such as PS or CSP and simply reference it without having to keep the book open and trying to draw simultaneously.

Of all the books in the super pose series, this one I feel is the strongest simply because it's more challenging to make poses for more than one person and this book provides lots of unique ideas for artists.

Cool design, but it needs more


I love the miku artwork on this shirt and I love supporting BIGHEAD, but I wish the design just a bit more color or something. A holographic miku on top of plain white seems a bit jarring.

Cheap art, what's not to love?


These documents have bright intense colors, I don't think they would fade from everyday use.

The front side has the artwork, back side is a just a solid color of whatever the background is.

Most functional yet cute vocaloid merch


I love these pencils, the print is visible and vibrant.

It's rare to find official vocaloid stationary so I hope movic will continue to make more vocaloid pens and pencils.

Pricey, but it is amazing


This figma has perfectly captured all the small details in iXima's original V4X miku design. Everything from the spiky hair, to the gradient on her tie.

It's beautiful and could pass off as a scale figure when her joints are visible. This makes the price tag a bit more justified.

figma Meiko
figma Meiko$61.99

A good figma of Project Diva Arcade Meiko


Exactly as the title states.

I would greatly prefer a meiko figma that was based on her V3 boxart but I'll take what I can get.

Max Factory really did an amazing job replicating Arcade Meiko for this figma, every small nuance is in this figma, including the hair sculpt.

Best chibi hetalia figure period


There have been many mini hetalia figures but the orange rouge nendoroid line is imo the best, most accurate version of hetalia characters.

The faceplates perfectly encapsulate england's personality.

His uniform is well sculpted with no paint bleeds.

Adorable miku with lots of possibilities


This Miku is beyond cute, and there are lots of ways to pose here thanks to her 3 faceplates and many props.

This nendoroid is one of the best "classic miku" designs imo and should be on every miku fan's shelf.

Not stretchy at all like regular leggings


Just a heads up, these are not like leggings at all; there is no stretch anywhere in this product.

For that reason alone, it is hard to support buying these pants as the measurements would barely fit an average adult. However, this still gets some stars as these pants are beautifully made and the detailing is gorgeous.

AKIBA CATCHER Points$11.99 - $335.99

An okay value


Most arcades usually charge 100-200 yen per play, but with how Akiba Catcher is set up, these points can really only be used for 3 prize attempts.

Good fabric and print


This yukata is comfortable to lounge around in, and I like how the fabric is very smooth.
It is recommended to wear boots/heels as this is a long garment.

Cute, wished the tag would have stayed on


The design is cute and the bag is big enough to bag any figures.
However, the tag kept falling off, so I ended up taping it back on.

Tetris Light
Tetris Light$44.99

Well made lamp


The brightness is alright, but I'm most impressed at how heavy this light is.

This is not made of cheap plastic, I only wish it was a bit brighter so I could use it as a lamp.

Hatsune Miku Blue Line Art Men's Tee
Hatsune Miku Blue Line Art Men's Tee$19.99 - $21.99

Cool Miku design


This shirt has the design directly screenprinted on, meaning there's no worry about the design flaking off from washing it.

I like how the design is all one light blue color, just like Miku's hair.

Vivid dark colors and amazing Miku design


This tapestry is amazing simply since the design could be (in theory), hung in any vertical direction.

I love how modern miku and past miku meet within each other's heels of the river.

ixima did a wonderful job with this artwork and I can only hope TOM will carry more ixima products in the future.

Super cute birthday miku!


I love this keychain a lot since there isn't a specific year printed on the keychain, this makes it a universal birthday miku keychain no matter if it's 2019, 2029, or 2039.

Big and sturdy as well.

Good obi at a great price


I bought this to pair up with another ACDC kimono. The obi does it's job of keeping the kimono on, and it's made of the same smooth fabric material.

Cute and cheap


Good quality plastic folders, the designs are vividly printed and can hold multiple paper documents.

Good quality, loved the de-tatched cat mask


This wallet is durable and has lots of card slots. The mask is solidly snapped in place, which makes it impossible for it to accidentally fall off.

The design is adorable with and without the cat mask. Truly, I think this is the most well designed FLAPPER wallet on TOM and is worth being in every cat lovers closet.

Adorable, but beware for everyday use!


I got all 3 color variants as gifts for me and my siblings. Everyone loved their gift and the tags made it feel extra fancy and expensive.

Fair warning though, the jewel nose of the white cat (my purse of course) ended up snagging on a piece of my clothing and then fell out of the purse. So now my cat has it's jewel nose missing and looks awkward because of it :/

This has not happened to any of my siblings so I'm hoping that mine was a defect. However, I would still advise to be careful with the nose so that the jewel can stay in place. (It really does look awkward when there an open bracket in the purse and then the prongs from said bracket can easily snag on mor...
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Soft, and squishy


I love how the banana can peel open or close. The filling is soft, yet still sturdy.

The fabric is a nice comfortable fuzzy feeling, and it's curved for easy hugging while you sleep.

concombre Hanami Mini Figures Vol. 3
concombre Hanami Mini Figures Vol. 3$2.99 - $5.99

Good scale for nendos/figmas


this teapot is just the right size for nendoroids and figmas, not too big, not too small.

Surprisingly, it has the weight of a teapot, this is not made of cheap plastic like dollhouse accessories.

I definitely recommend concombre accessories for any figure collector.

Fresh Pouches
Fresh Pouches$11.99

Great plushie accessory for Miku!


I bought the leek pouch for my jumbo miku plushie.

The print quality is really good, it looks like a real leek from a distance. The pouch is about pencil case sized.

Definitely a cool item for any purpose.

Cute but overpriced


In person, this did not look as cute. The candy is basically a styrofam ball, with a satin fabric wrapped around as the candy wrapper. I also thought it was going to bigger, but it's about the average size of a can badge.

It's unique, but otherwise I would wait for a sale to buy this.

Adorable miku keychain!


The design is cute, it has miku, 39/39 it's a must buy!

Cute design!


Pro tip: to get the colors to pop out more, simply put a blank piece of white paper behind the art design.

This clear file is decently durable, but it can be scratched easily, be cautious.

Cute merch; doesn't immediately look like Voca merch


I love the design and the squishiness of it. (It has the texture of microbeads inside), but I will admit, it does not immediately make me think "omg, a miku plush!" simple because it's based on the animals for this movic collab instead of the characters directly.

However, it's still cute, and that's the most important thing.

Good for cheap posters


Since these clear files are A4 size, they make for impromptu clear folders.

Artwork is cute, so why not?

Wonderful Luka Compilation featuring Luka V2 and V4 voicebanks


This CD is a great mix of classic and newly written songs for this album. My favorite songs are the ones that use Luka V2 such as Just be Friends but the Luka V4X songs are still pretty good.

Do note that the SONOCA download track is for a remix, it is NOT a digital download of the actual album. For those without a CD player, you may need to buy a CD ripper so you could add these songs to your phone/mp3 player manually.

Great for aspiring artists


The DVD is the most valuable part of this book as it contains JPGs of the designs shown in the book; you are freely allowed to use/reference these items for your art!

Excellent price for the value the DVD provides with the renders.

Perfect for a Miku itabag


iXima's art is flawless as always and the designs are cropped in the perfect position.

The plastic coating is decent enough for everyday situations. These badges would work well on a Miku/Vocaloid itabag.

Good sized Miku


This acrylic stand is about the average size of most acrylic figures, meaning Miku won't feel out of place. She's a bit smaller than a figma but bigger than a nendoroid.

The print and acrylic is durable, she will look wonderful in any collection.

Meiko looks fabulous


I love the pose Meiko has for this acrylic figure, hence why I picked it up.

She might look out of place compared to other acrylic figures because of how small yet tall she is (compared to a chibi sized acrylic figure, she might seem out of place).

Arrange your space/collection accordingly and she'll look as wonderful as she always is.

Perfect chibi size


The colors are well printed and Miku is about the same size as a nendoroid. Perfect to display with any Miku nendo!

The acrylic stand is only printed single side, but that seems to be an industry standard.

Great for drawing poses inspiration


If you're looking for a book that teaches you how to draw a pose step by step...this book is NOT for you.

This book is a compilation of quick 10 minute sketches by artist Toru Yoahida a You can see how he structures his poses from the rough sketches used in this book. This book will NOT teach you how he drew these drawings, it is instead the equivalent of looking through someone's rough drawings sketchbook.

I like to use this book when I'm stuck on artist block.

Super cute, perfect for many occasions


I love how it's clear on the back so you could easily take this to a con/sporting event and security could easily your check your bag.

It fits an iphone, and a small wallet. The plastic can stretch though, and it's thick, meaning it's essentially waterproof.
To make it an itabag, you'd have to attach a cardboard cutout w/fabric inside the bag facing the clear side (as there is no inner pocket). Then you could attach your straps/keychains to the cardboard, while the bag still protects your items. Win Win!

Super cute Len!


Adorable dessert themed vocaloid keychains!

Unfortunately, the keychains are only single sided so there's only one side to see the cuteness. It's a fair compromise but well, I hope movic considers double sided printing in the future.

All 6 designs included!


I was afraid that this was going to be an "assorted" box where you can get any design of the 6, but luckily this is not the case. Each one is packaged in it's own box so you could easily re-gift one no problem.

No extra straps either, just the 6 designs as shown. At about ~$5 each, it's a solid deal since you're guaranteed all 6 Vocaloids when most blind box straps/keychains go for $7-11 depending on where you're buying it.

Big and Beautiful


I love the big size of the keychain, I love the gorgeous colors, and most importantly, it has a strong clasp so it can hang on any itabag. It's about the size of a medium acrylic stand.

Like Miku? Get this. Done!

Excellent value as a keychain & mini acrylic figure


This is a genius vocaloid merch idea and the execution is flawless.

You can easily switch between having a keychain with a ribbon accessory or having a acrylic figure with a ribbon base. (The ribbon also has each Vocaloid's name with with their original logo art, a very nice subtle touch for vocaloid fans)

The chibi art by maako is cool, and the packaging is well designed, you could display them in acrylic stand form and you could see the details in the wings/colors thanks to the white center and colors surrounding the paper. (See attached pic).

I hope Movic will continue to create more hybrid Vocaloid keychains/acrylic stands as this is a no-brainer buy for a...
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Beyond cute


These mini tapestries are perfectly sized to be in scale with a nendoroid, it would be a cute dollhouse accessory.
The color is vibrant, fabric quality is good, and it hangs well on any surface thanks to the beaded chainlink at the top.
This would also be a unique itabag charm/item, but it must be kept upright since the poles for the tapestry can slide off easily.
Overall, a wonderful impulse buy, Kaito is just too cute!

This is definitely big...


This is basically a giant can badge with a built in cardboard standee base on the back.

I love it for the sheer novelty, but I wish it came with a safety pin back so I could hang it on a itabag.



This Len is ikemen style, but still a great addition to any Len's fan collection (especially if one prefers solo Len merch).

The color is vibrant and well printed, and the plastic covering on the art will protect the badge from most everyday usage.

Good music + Miku, good for Vocaloid fans wanting to expand their music range


The SONOCA download instructions were to easy to follow, you simply need to make an account and you're set. All the songs are great in their own way and the DL card is made of sturdy plastic, cute and cool enough to display on its own.

Fair warning for ios users, if you run low on storage space, SONOCA will not show the album. However, you can redownload it as many times as you want from your account either on your phone or PC. Your music isn't gone, but it will be "hidden/deleted" to save space on the iPhone 6.

I love this shirt!


It's very good quality, not too thick but definitely not paper thin like other Miku shirts I've seen sold either in Hot Topic. I love the vibrant print and overall I would say this shirt design is one of the best simply from the art and colors used.

Vocaloid Memo Pad Collection
Vocaloid Memo Pad Collection$2.99 - $3.99

Adorable and functional!


Mixlife: Slightly bigger and wider than your average sticky notes. I love how it comes with a plastic cover so you can avoid dust and how each design has it's own layer. Overall, while pricey, I think it's worth it to have some Miku stationary.

Good but could be better


I'll start off with the bag itself.

Since no official picture is here on the listing other than a preview pic, I assumed it would be plasticy. Unfortunately, it's made of a canvas material. While not a deal breaker, it means I need to be careful to make sure this doesn't get stained. Also, it makes the colors look a bit duller compared to the promo pic.

The size is strange. I can fit a whole New Yorker magazine but an A4 file is too long. It would be good to store small papers and whatnots but this does not work well as a document keeper unless your documents are smaller than A4

Can badge is 1 and 1/2 inches wide but has a paper top instead of plast...
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Comfy but doesn't fit a skinny American


I'm 5'5 and 120 pounds and you can see my underwear (both the outline and the pattern) through the leggings. They feel smooth but alas I can't wear these out in public like real leggings unless I wear a skirt or shorts underneath it.

Two stars since for anyone near my size, these are tights,not leggings, due to the very small fit and transparency. I'm disappointed in the sizing because the pattern itself is gorgeous, but this wouldn't fit most customers sadly. Even while I fit within the free sizing chart mentioned above, it's still too see through to wear in public.

Pretty good case


This case can fit a 3DSXL and some game cartridges along with a few other small items. The rubber design can get stained or dusty easily so you might have to wipe it down on occasion. The case itself works so it's okay for me.

Must have for Kei fans


The folder itself is very vivid and colorful and the design is full of details. It can fit several pieces of normal size paper with no problems. It's cheap so why not?

Really big shirt


This shirt is HUGE. I cannot emphasize this enough. I ordered a L since it was the smallest option and it fits awkwardly. It's the perfect length but if you're skinny it will sag a little. The print on the shirt is very dark and it has survived a few washes with color protectant soap. If you like big shirts, get this. Because of my small frame, this shirt sort of sags on me but the design itself is very unique. If you're bigger, it might fit you better.

Interesting book, mediocre figma


The book itself is full of pictures that show different angles of some of the figures from Max Factory. There was also a section that had pictures of every figma and product that they released, grouped by the series/anime it came from or by release date. Very good for a physical reference.

However, the figma itself is not that good. When I first opened it and started moving stuff around, the right shoulder joint was very loose. Additionally, swapping out the left hand is impossible. The default open left hand is defective and will not fit in the left hand hole at all. So for now, the figma will always have a fist in her left hand since the figma has the fists on in the packaging. I ...
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Excellent for the price


This case is shipped flat but it's very easy to assemble since it's a matter of bending thin plastic to fit the ends of the case. I'm horrible with putting stuff together and I managed to make this, it's easy to assemble. The best part about this case though is that it can fit 3 nendoroids with their stock square bases comfortably. One of my nendos has a hat and is standing on a prop, and it still fits in the case. Would highly recommend getting this case to fit nendoroids or other small collectibles, it's excellent for the price.

Cute but there are issues


The futon itself was well designed and the blankets and pillow were soft just like its real life counterparts. However, if your phone has a case on it, it might not fit your phone correctly. I have an iPhone 6 with a case and it would not fit the futon! Without the case, it fit snugly but since the case adds a few cm and some billings, it could not fit in the futon. You could try stretching out the futon with your case and see if it will fit your phone. However since it won't fit my phone, I'm neutral about this product.

Very good and cute wallet


This wallet can fit a lot of cards,business cards, and some loose change with no problem whatsoever. The leather is very soft and the design is detailed. This wallet cannot fit a cell phone or a small of keys. (I managed to fit a single key in the coin compartment). Since this is supposed to be a small wallet, it does the job well and the product is of high quality. It's worth the price tag without a doubt. This wallet can fit inside of the book pouch of this collection so get both if you can.

Nice folder


The folder works as intended and the design is bright and very eye catching. The folder's plastic is a little thin so be careful if you want to avoid scratches on the surface. Overall, it's good for the price.

Would recommend to any Vocaloid fan


This artist is known for their artworks in mothy's evil chronicles and you can see all of their work from that series. If you've ever spent hours watching old Vocaloid videos from years past, this is the book for you. Despite the rough looking art, the colors and designs of the costumes are beautiful. The characters are very distinctly drawn, after buying this book I could immediately recognize this artist from a few video thumbnails.

The art book has a lot of pages with some pictures taking up a whole page and some pages having a collage like style to them. You could also see some other Vocaloid fanart for a few pages. Again, if you like Vocaloid (and especially older Vo...
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FLAPPER Book Pouch
FLAPPER Book Pouch$21.99

Absolutely perfect


This pouch is soft to the touch and very detailed in design. The pouch can fit a mini wallet such as the book wallet in this collection or any wallet that fits the measurements. The pouch itself can stretch a few cm so you can pack it a little bit, I managed to fit an iPhone 6 with a case on and the book wallet in this pouch. Would highly recommend buying.

Very cute but small


The product is really high quality and it can fit small stuff but it won't fit stuff like an IPhone 6. Make sure to measure your stuff if you plan to use it for a specific reason and give your objects a few cm as wiggle room to fit the bag.

I originally planned to use it as a phone holder but since my phone is too big (even without a case), it will have to do as a coin pouch/mini impromptu wallet. Colors are very vivid and the inner lining is really good quality, just make to measure before buying.


Very cute but very small


The size of this art book and the length of it is about the same size as a pamphlet in a CD case. Artwork is very cute, but I wish there were more pages. Better yet, if this book was hardcover or bound together stronger it would be much better quality. As is, only buy it if you really love this artist.

Very good bundle for the price


I bought it for the price and because I really liked the mini wallet. The big pink cat bag was cute, the surface felt plastic and sticky. The leather clasp had nice fabric inside with cute polka dots, definitely one of the best surprises. The keychain, coin purse, and mini wallet looked exactly like the promotional pictures. The only complaint I have is that the big cat purse already has some threads showing in the stiching, not sure if poor craft work or just really delicate materials. For the price, I can't complain too much, the mini wallet, coin purse, and keychain are my favorite choices from this package. #i♡pooh

It is what it is


This len nendo doesn't come with much, what you see in the promo pictures is what you get. However, buyer beware that since this is an old nendo, some parts just won't stick on correctly. I like it, but the fact that the joints are weak and the arm parts won't stick are a huge turn off to me. I almost broke a neck joint, attempting to swap heads with another nendo. Compared to current nendoroids, this one has weak joints and many issues, it's not worth it unless you've had previous experience with really old nendos.

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