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Very cute Jeanne!


I am very familiar with nendoroids. Nendoroid dolls, not so much. However, Jeanne (Ruler) caught my interest and I decided to go for it. When she arrived, I was amazed! Very cute clothing that matches her attire in Apocrypha. The range of motion was definitely more than I expected too! While she only has one face plate, if you have had multiple Jeanne nendoroid face plates, you can swap them out! Glad I got her and I will be taking more photos of her given the next chance!

Perfect look to a modern day Samurai


Just one look at this item either from the stock photo or the video provided, just about convinced me to get this.
I was a bit worried about whether this would fit me considering I was a 163cm male that usually wear small. Upon arrival, my worries felt unfounded. I ordered a medium and this hoodie fit me perfectly.

The design is unique for a hoodie, will definitely make you stand out whether you want to or not.

Helps you stay warm, the material feels a bit thicker than for most hoodies I use which is a plus. Definitely will look forward to using this during fall and winter. Right now trying to wear it even for indoors during summer feels overkill.

The cres...
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