David Vang


Large = Medium in Japan


Quality was really good with synthetic leather for a realistic effect and even represents the white lines. The silver parts of the chest belt and cuffs are PVC too so they’re nice and shiny.

I purchased a large for my brother (he's medium), but it was still small for him.

Must have MORE!!!


Item shipped within 5 business days, which is good. Great for your collection if you're into this series, and the price is very affordable, in my opinion (which I bought them when all three were on sale as a whole).

I also bought the Collection Display Case (Regular), and it fitted all three of The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls: New Generations Figure Set (Uzuki, Rin & Mio).

The paint jobs on these three were great. At first, by looking at the photos, I wasn't sure if I should purchase this product. Maybe it's because of the white background that made it look off, but overall, very good for your collection as an otaku.

Are you done with my phone yet?


I thought the dog died when I plugged my phone in, but it started humping my phone maybe it's because he's tired or something? The sound it makes during his "business" is an annoying clicking sound. I hope that the length of the cord would be longer, but I'm okay with that. It would've been funny if the dog made an actual 'dog' sound, but I guess it would be too disturbing.

I would recommend this product to someone with some humor, who needs an extra USB, and someone who just love dogs in general.

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